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14th Amendment

Birthright Citizenship and the 8%

New study on percentage of children in U.S. born to illegals enflames debate over 14th Amendment

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  1. Debate in Congress

    Republicans make new proposal in nation's immigration debate

  2. Should Children Born to Illegals in U.S. Become Citizens?

    Debate over 'anchor babies' and 14th Amendment in spotlight

  3. Why Is Newt Gingrich in Iowa?

    Former House Speaker explains why he's in a campaign hotbed and sounds off on Gibbs and Napolitano's comments on border security and revising the 14th Amendment

  4. Tackling Border Security

    Congressman introduces new bill that will help boost security on US-Mexico border

  5. Uncut: Lindsey Graham

    South Carolina senator sounds off on the 'anchor baby' clause in the Constitution, his vote on Elena Kagan and more

  6. Time to Tackle Illegal Immigration

    How will the GOP approach immigration debate in the new Congress?

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  8. Education: A New Front in the Immigration Debate?

    SB1070 co-author wants new law that would require Arizona public schools to provide a headcount of children of illegal immigrants

  9. Obama Turning Blind Eye to Mosque Opposition?

    New questions on president's response to 'Ground Zero' mosque

  1. Arizona's Immigration Law and Birthright Citizenship : What's Ahead

    Former Clinton scandal Independent Counsel Ken Starr gives insight on the legal odyssey ahead for Arizona's immigration law and the debate over changing the 14th Amendment

  2. States Joining Forces to Block 14th Amendment

    Some states looking to deny birthright citizenship

  3. Sobering 'Birthright Citizenship' Numbers

    Study: 1 in 12 babies born in U.S. are offspring of illegal immigrants

  4. 14th Amendment Takes Center Stage

    Focus of political war over immigration shifts to nearly 150-year-old portion of Constitution

  5. Study Adds Fuel to Birthright Citizenship Debate

    Study finds 1 in 12 U.S. babies are born to illegal immigrants

  6. 'Anchor Baby' Debate Back in Spotlight

    Study puts focus on 14th Amendment

  7. Arizona Senate Approves Sweeping Immigration Bill

    Legislation targeting housing, benefits, the workplace and birthright citizenship sparking controversy