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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Donald Rumsfeld on 'Fox & Friends Weekend'

Former secretary of defense pens memoir

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  1. A Tale of Two Wars

    Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the Iraq war versus the coalition mission in Libya and the implications for Obama

  2. Conflict With Libya Though The Years

    Libyan violence on and off for years

  3. Is Libya Our National Interest? Part 1

    Radio host Bill Bennett on president's address on Libya

  4. Turmoil in Libya

    Reports of bloody crackdown in Tripoli; country's U.N. mission calls for Qaddafi to step down

  5. President Bush Considered Dropping Cheney

    Surprising revelations from former president's new book

  6. Without Hesitation

    Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Hugh Shelton, compares the leadership styles of Presidents Bush and Clinton!

  7. Is Military Action Necessary in Libya?

    Second day of air strikes deepen anxiety among coalition partner’s objectives

  8. Is The Libyan Leader Qaddafi Finished?

    Is Libyan regime finished?

  9. Libyan Foreign Minister Defects to U.K.

    What information does he have?

  10. Iran Impossible for Media to Cover?

    Juan Williams on conflicting reports constantly filtering out of rogue Islamic republic

  11. Uncut: Condoleezza Rice 'On the Record'

    Former Secretary of State discusses career in Washington, her parents, new memoir and more

  12. Is Defector 'Black Box' of Qaddafi Regime?

    Libyan foreign minister flees to London

  1. Libyan Foreign Minister Defects to United Kingdom

    U.K. not granting immunity to former high level official

  2. Gov. Mitch Daniels on 'FNS'

    Indiana's governor on possible GOP presidential contenders

  3. Where's the Money, Qaddafi?

    Libyan leader reportedly set aside tens of billions in cash

  4. Exploratory Committee for Pawlenty

    Former Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty explains his exploratory committee for a White House run, gives take on coalition strikes on Libya and Obama's leadership

  5. Obama Doctrine: Looking to the Past

    How does Libya compare to other conflicts?

  6. Inside George W. Bush's Revealing New Book

    Former Bush-Cheney spokesperson Terry Holt's take on turbulent presidency

  7. Is Going AWOL the New Trend in Politics?

    What are the political implications of standoff in Wisconsin?

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