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U.S. Troops

Iraqi General Wants U.S . Troops to Stay Until 2020

Days before the deadline to end combat, a top Iraqi general claims troops should stay another decade

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  1. Super Sunday

    Beer ban lifted for big game for U.S . troops in Iraq

  2. No Time for Troops?

    Obama cancels visit to wounded U.S . troops in Germany

  3. Keeping Secure

    U.S . troops hand over province to Iraqis in what was once the 'Triangle of Death'

  4. Fox Flashback: U.S. Steps Up Presence in Afghanistan

    U.S . troops track down Al Qaeda and other militants in Afghanistan

  5. Ready or Not

    U.S . troops pull back from Iraqi cities

  6. Historic Development

    Iraq takes over control of the Green Zone from U.S . troops

  7. Spike in Afghanistan Violence

    Taliban insurgent groups execute string of attacks targeted at U.S . troops

  8. Left Behind

    What will remain in Iraq after U.S . troops withdraw?

  9. Troop Pullout

    Report: Withdrawal of some U.S . troops from Iraq by September

  10. Last Iraq Combat Brigade Says Goodbye

    Hundreds of U.S . troops embark on journey home

  11. Obama's Afghanistan Address

    Part 1: President Obama announces deployment of additional 30,000 U.S . troops

  12. MMA Fight for the Troops, Part 1

    FOX Fight Game, Round 1: U.S . troops in Iraq partake in first military MMA event

  1. Iraqi PM: U.S. Forces Must Leave on Time

    Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki rules out presence of any U.S . troops beyond 2011

  2. Iraqi Tourist Attraction?

    U.S . troops tour ancient temple, which could open to public after years of isolation under Saddam

  3. U.S . Troops Preparing to Leave Iraq

    How long will U.S . troops be posted in Iraq?

  4. Fallout to U.S . Troops if Iran Is Attacked?

    Because You Asked: Jim Walsh, international security expert, weighs in

  5. Giving Thanks

    Gen. Odierno on what's being done for U.S . troops celebrating Thanksgiving in Iraq

  6. Food Fraud

    Company indicted for overcharging food sent to U.S . troops abroad

  7. Withdrawal

    Oliver North comments on U.S . troops leaving Iraq

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