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Troop Withdrawal

2011 Troop Withdrawal Deadline Questioned

Gen. Petraeus says drawdown will be based on conditions on ground in Afghanistan

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  1. Panel Plus: 6/28

    'FOX News Sunday' panel discusses troop withdrawal in Iraq and Michael Jackson's media coverage after the show

  2. Looking Good?

    Is Obama's overseas trip making him look presidential? P.R. guru Fraser Seitel weighs in

  3. Campaigning on Iraq

    Barack Obama introduces new reason for ending the war as soon as possible

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  5. Across The Pond!

    Michael O'Hanlon on Obama abroad!

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  7. U.S. Combat Troops Leave Iraq

    Obama prepares speech on Iraq's future without the American military

  8. 'He Ventured Forth...'

    London Times' Gerard Baker reads his tongue-in-cheek take on Obama's overseas trip

  9. Done Deal

    Iraq clears last hurdle to pass U.S. security pact

  10. Hollywood to Washington

    Actor and activist Ted Danson talks with Alan about his history of political involvement.

  11. Talking Points: 7/8

    Does Barack Obama have an Iraq problem?

  12. U.S. Intel: Afghan Network Aiding Taliban

    U.S. officials uncover serious corruption in Afghan government

  1. Time for Timetable ?

    Iraqi PM raises questions over future U.S. troop withdrawal

  2. New Approach?

    American diplomat will sit at negotiating table with a representative from Iran for the first time since the 1970s

  3. Staying the Course

    Barack Obama says his opinions have not changed after visiting war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq

  4. Adm. Mullen

    Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff says Iraq and U.S. have set goals for troops to get out, but no hard deadline

  5. Leaving Iraq

    Pentagon previews U.S. troop withdrawal

  6. Gen. Odierno on 'FNS'

    Is Iraq ready for U.S. troop withdrawal ?

  7. 'Guardedly Optimistic'

    Foreign policy expert analyzes Iraq troop withdrawal , warns of sectarian violence returning

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