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Troop Surge

Troop Surge Strategy ?

Obama's strategy calls for shifting troops from Iraq to Afghanistan

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  1. Plan of Attack

    Gen. Bob Scales on what Afghanistan troop surge will look like

  2. Team Effort?

    What roll will NATO play in Afghanistan troop surge ?

  3. Target: Terror

    Pentagon considers plan for troop surge in Afghanistan

  4. Civil War

    Will Democrats stand united on Afghanistan troop surge ?

  5. Kucinich on Afghanistan

    Former Presidential Candidate on why troop surge is a mistake

  6. Can America Afford It?

    Congressman Price on Afghanistan troop surge

  7. DEFCON 3 Debut

    New Strategy Room Show examines Afghanistan Troop Surge

  8. United Nations Paints Bleak Picture of Afghanistan

    U.N. charts escalating Afghan violence despite troop surge

  9. Clinton Heading to Middle East

    Top diplomat to meet with opposition figures

  10. Power Player of the Week: Holly Petraeus

    General David Petraeus' wife also serving the nation

  11. Karl Rove vs. White House

    White House responds to 'enemies list' accusation

  12. Helpless to Stop the Cartels?

    Corruption, shortcomings hamper Mexico's war on drugs

  1. Surge Strategy

    U.S. prepares to send at least 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban

  2. Next Steps

    Former CENTCOM commander on strategy in Iraq now that troop surge has reduced violence

  3. Harsh Attack

    John McCain pounds Obama on his refusal to give after-the-fact support to the troop surge

  4. Questions and Answers

    Bipartisan scrutiny of the president's Afghanistan troop surge

  5. Dangerous Debate?

    Lanny Davis says Obama's stance against Iraq troop surge will only hurt him

  6. Strategy Showdown

    Sen. Lindsey Graham on report that Obama may reject McChrystal's troop surge request

  7. Ready for Action?

    How troops on the ground are reacting to Afghan troop surge

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