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Security Forces

Bret Baier with Afghan Security Forces

Will Afghanistan military be ready for U.S. withdrawal in 2014?

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  1. Day of Sovereignty

    Iraqis celebrate withdrawal of U.S. troops from cities

  2. Taliban Gaining Ground in Afghanistan?

    Surge in violence spurs concerns that terror cell is spreading north

  3. Qaddafi Supporters Remain Defiant

    Followers of Libyan leader condemn attacks by coalition forces

  4. Cost of Libyan Crisis Continues to Mount

    Coalition forces launch additional resources

  5. Syrian Regime Cracks Down

    Security forces try to prevent protests from snowballing

  6. Mail Bomb Plot Was Dry Run?

    Security forces hunting for suspect

  7. Afghan War's Deadliest Year

    Can coalition forces reverse troubling trend?

  8. U.S. Official: Qadaffi's Air Defenses 'Severely Disabled'

    Steve Harrigan on coalition forces strengthening attack on Libya

  9. Air Strikes Successful in Libya

    Coalition forces neutralize Libyan air defense systems

  10. Libya's Reaction to Obama Speech

    Libyan people express gratitude towards President, coalition forces

  11. Monitoring the Lebanese Border

    U.N. Security forces monitor nation's southern border with Israel

  12. Moving Out

    Are Iraqi security forces ready to take charge?

  1. Who Should Control Coalition Forces Over Libya?

    Lt. General Tom McInerney weighs in

  2. Exclusive Interview with General Petraeus

    Bret Baier talks with Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan

  3. U.S.-Led Raid Kills Karzai Cousin

    General Petraeus on how civilian deaths have created tension in Afghanistan

  4. Around the World: Demonstrators, Security Forces Clash in Belgium

    Protests over proposed austerity cuts turn violent in Brussels

  5. Gen. Odierno on 'FNS'

    Is Iraq ready for U.S. troop withdrawal?

  6. Rooting Out Corruption in Afghanistan

    U.S. mission to bringing stability to region comes with fair share of complications

  7. Withdrawal

    Oliver North comments on U.S. troops leaving Iraq

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