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Sectarian Violence

Dangerous Debate?

Lanny Davis says Obama's stance against Iraq troop surge will only hurt him

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  1. Odd Man Out?

    Vice President Biden is opposed to sending more troops to Afghanistan

  2. What Does the Future Hold for Iraq?

    All-Star panel on outlook for region after U.S. troops leave

  3. Major Milestone

    What does troop pullout mean to Iraq war veterans?

  4. Keep Her Alive

    Doug Schoen on what the Dems want

  5. 'He's Wrong'

    Part 3: John McCain criticizes Obama's approach to foreign policy

  6. Time for a Timetable?

    How and when do we end the war in Iraq? Sen. Jon Kyl weighs in

  7. Sens. Thune, McCaskill on 'FNS'

    Campaign surrogates discuss Obama's trip abroad, how success in Iraq will play for both McCain and Obama

  8. Military Update

    Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen weighs in on Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran

  9. Is Iraq Ready to Take Charge?

    Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer responds to new string of deadly attacks in Baghdad

  10. Around the World

    Three killed in China train crash; Margaret Thatcher recovering from surgery

  11. Obama in Iraq

    Gen. Richard Myers, ex-head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on candidate's meetings with military leaders

  12. 'Obama Was Wrong'

    John McCain criticizes Obama's stance on Iraq war, saying he makes decisions before getting facts

  1. New Military Challenge

    As sectarian violence decreases in Iraq, U.S. troops are now focusing on the porous and dangerous border between Iraq and Iran

  2. Pakistan on the Brink?

    Governor killed by his bodyguard amid turmoil

  3. 'Guardedly Optimistic'

    Foreign policy expert analyzes Iraq troop withdrawal, warns of sectarian violence returning

  4. Obama Abroad

    Illinois senator and presidential candidate takes the world stage on a major overseas trip

  5. Leaving His Legacy

    A look back on how President Bush handled the War on Terror

  6. Special Visit

    Vice President Biden meets with troops in Iraq

  7. U.S. Combat Troops Leave Iraq

    Obama prepares speech on Iraq's future without the American military