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Operation Iraqi Freedom

'Let Them Build' Chairman Jon Soltz tells Alan why veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are joining forces to support the Islamic center near Ground Zero.

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  1. Will Libyan No-Fly Zone Work?

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger weighs in

  2. The Politics of Lying

    Do some tall tales make you unfit for public office?

  3. Bias Bash: Unanswered Questions

    What is the end-game for Libya?

  4. Last Iraq Combat Brigade Says Goodbye

    Hundreds of U.S. troops embark on journey home

  5. Across America: School Bus Crash in Las Vegas

    Car collides with bus loaded with students

  6. McInerney: 'We've Been Snookered' on Libya

    Retired Air Force lieutenant general explains why he thinks the U.S. is opening a can of worms

  7. Debt Ceiling Limit Looms

    Alan Colmes on standoff over adding to nation's deficit

  8. Voters Debate State of Nation

    Florida focus group discusses President Obama's job so far

  9. Libyan Regime Clinging to Power

    Clashes increasingly bloody as Qaddafi blocks coverage of protests

  10. Texas' Budget Shortfall

    Gov. Rick Perry ready to balance budget without raising taxes

  11. Hundreds Of Thousand Protest In London

    Angry over government cuts to public service

  12. Gutfeld: Students Heckle Iraq War Vet

    Columbia students' idiocy reminds us of culture we live in

  1. Mahmoud's Message

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton reacts to Ahmadinejad's General Assembly address

  2. U.S. Combat Troops Leave Iraq

    Americans forces wind down 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'

  3. 'We Won! We Brought Democracy to Iraq'

    American forces emotional as they wind down 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'

  4. A Tale of Two Wars

    Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the Iraq war versus the coalition mission in Libya and the implications for Obama

  5. 'A Ferrari without an engine'

    Col. Ralph Peters couldn't disagree more with Senator Obama about the Iraq war

  6. Presidential Decisions

    What effect will the Iraq war have on Bush's legacy?

  7. Christmas in Iraq

    Remembering our service members overseas

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