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Operation Iraqi Freedom

Who are the top GOP picks for 2016?

James Carville on the potential presidential candidates of 2016

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  1. Lydia Hull talks 'SAF3' modeling past

    Lydia Hull talks about her big break.

  2. Associated Press photographer killed, reporter shot in Afghanistan: Tribute to two brave women

    Editor's note: An Associated Press photographer was killed and an AP reporter wounded Friday in Afghanistan. Fox News' Jennifer Griffin shares her personal recollect...

  3. Johnny Depp on China: 'I could live here easily'

    Oh really? Professor Beckel schools 'Captain Jack'

  4. Mental illness in the military: What can be done?

    Fort Hood gunman was being assessed for PTSD

  5. Self-defense debate roiled by Ft. Hood shooting

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here .**Buzz Cut: • Self-defense debate roiled by Ft. Hood shooting • States start undercutting Obama’s enroll...

  6. The ObamaCare numbers that really matter

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here .**Buzz Cut: • The ObamaCare numbers that really matter • Invading countries is just so passé • Obama-sty...

  7. Power Play: Off to the races with Ruben Gallego for AZ-7

    Chris Stirewalt speaks with Democratic primary challenger Ruben Gallego running for Arizona's 7th District (Phoenix). Gallego is a former Marine and combat veteran in Iraq. Rep. Ed Pastor (D) announced his retirement in February.

  8. Anti-Republican Mood Could Give Democrats Default Win

    During the 1996 and 1998 election cycles, Democrats picked up a net of 14 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, which is far more than in any cycle since. I wa...

  9. Transcript: Democrats' Weekly Radio Address

    Hello, I'm Jim Webb , the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate in Virginia.The July 4th holiday reminds us that we are a nation that was created by peop...

  10. Pentagon: Iraq Operations $14B in Three Months

    The ongoing war in  Iraq ( search ) cost about $4 billion in September, spiked to $7 billion in October and hit just under $3 billion in November, the Pentagon said ...

  11. Italian Pols Unite on Iraq Hostages

    Squabbling Italian politicians pledged Wednesday to put aside their differences over the  Iraq war ( search ) and work together to free two female aid workers abduct...

  12. Powell Has Iraq Dialogue With Spain's Incoming Leader

    Spain's incoming prime minister held firm on a June 30 date for withdrawing Spanish troops from Iraq in talks Wednesday with Secretary of State  Colin Powell ( searc...

  1. Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board, protests begin

    Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith, Money Map Press’ Keith Fitz-Gerald and editor Jonas Max Ferris on the IRS, anti-Dropbox protests and the markets.

  2. USO opens new center for wounded warriors, families at Walter Reed

    The United Service Organizations opened the doors Tuesday to a new state-of-the-art center for wounded servicemembers and their families at Walter Reed -- a center d...

  3. Scrap Heap of War: Billions in equipment being left behind in Afghanistan

    How much "stuff" is the United States military leaving behind as it withdraws from Afghanistan after 12 years of war? Try some $6 billion worth.And much of it may ye...

  4. New book details the challenges of resuming civilian life after combat tours

    While serving in the U.S. Army and stationed in Iraq in October, 2003 Brian McGough was hit in the head by an IED (improvised explosive device), and shrapnel ripped ...

  5. America today and the Iraq War

    Talking Points 3/20

  6. Former Drill Sergeant Wants to Help Other Vets Through Franchising

    Ron Adams retired from the U.S. Army after 24 years of service ready to embark on his lifelong dream of opening his own business. Ready to take orders from himself a...

  7. Imam Al-Husainy Reacts to DNC Flap

    This is a partial transcript from " Hannity & Colmes ," February 8, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: We've told you about the controvers...

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