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Operation Enduring Freedom

History Lesson

How the past can help Obama determine the future in Afghanistan

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  1. State-of-the-Art Arsenal

    Inside look at newest military tools in war in Afghanistan

  2. Eight Years Later

    History of war in Afghanistan

  3. Growing Support?

    Iraq war veteran discusses Obama's handling of war in Afghanistan

  4. Does Obama Have the 'Heart for the Fight'

    Woodward: Obama doesn't think about 'winning or losing' war in Afghanistan

  5. Patriotic Duty?

    Congress weighing new tax to pay for war in Afghanistan

  6. 'Extremely Radical'

    Sarah Palin critiques Obama's associations, war in Afghanistan

  7. Congressman Elect Col. Allen West Talks Afghanistan

    Col. Allen West on war in Afghanistan

  8. Marines Return Home After 7 Months

    Soldiers are home after Afghan tour

  9. 'Air Compassion for Veterans'

    Group gives free flights to soldiers who travel for medial treatment

  10. America's Youth Takes Care of Its Heroes

    Special panel spotlighting the Youth Involvement in the Navy Seal Warrior Fund

  11. Support, Criticism of Obama's Leadership on Libya

    Radio host Alan Colmes weighs in on possible military intervention against Qaddafi

  12. Logistics of Enforcing No-Fly Zone in Libya

    Britain and France to play large military role

  1. White House Appeals to Wikileaks

    Administration asks website not to post any more classified documents on war in Afghanistan after Taliban leaders claim to be using them

  2. Analyzing the Outcome

    Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North and Alan discuss the election results and the attention being given to the war in Afghanistan .

  3. Taking on the Taliban

    Harris Faulkner and the panel discuss the future of the war in Afghanistan

  4. Highlights From Petraeus Interview

    General David Petraeus updates status of war in Afghanistan

  5. Decade of Combat: Afghan War Hits Milestone

    10-year anniversary of war in Afghanistan

  6. Are Tax Dollars Being Used to Pay Off the Enemy?

    Lt. Col Tony Shaffer weighs in on the War in Afghanistan

  7. Defcon3: 9/30

    What action will President Obama take on General McChrystal's report on the war in Afghanistan ?

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