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Iraqi Security Forces

Moving Out

Are Iraqi security forces ready to take charge?

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  1. Adm. Mullen

    Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff says Iraq and U.S. have set goals for troops to get out, but no hard deadline

  2. Iraqi Military Conducts Live Fire Exercises

    Fox News was present to see how far the military has come in the past few years

  3. 'Strategy Room' AM Newsbreak 8/2

    Latest headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  4. Obama's Plan for Iraq

    Megan Ortagus discusses the president's pledge to withdrawal troops from the Mideast nation

  5. New Year's in Baghdad

    U.S. troops celebrate in Iraq

  6. Troops Return From Iraq

    The last bulk of combat troops leave Iraq, beginning the official drawdown in the long-lasting war

  7. Fight Against Terror Making Difference in Iraq

    Extremists' resources are being increasingly depleted

  8. Last Iraq Combat Brigade Says Goodbye

    Hundreds of U.S. troops embark on journey home

  9. Christmas in Iraq

    Remembering our service members overseas

  10. Rumsfeld Reflects on War in New Book

    Former defense secretary on Iraq

  11. Is Iraq Ready to Take Charge?

    Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer responds to new string of deadly attacks in Baghdad

  12. Al Qaeda Making Comeback in Iraq?

    New report suggests terror group is offering Iraqi government contractors money to switch sides

  1. 52 Dead in Baghdad Church Siege

    Christians mourn following bloody attack, rescue operation

  2. Day of Sovereignty

    Iraqis celebrate withdrawal of U.S. troops from cities

  3. Major Milestone

    What does troop pullout mean to Iraq war veterans?

  4. Leaving Iraq

    Pentagon previews U.S. troop withdrawal

  5. 'All Very Proud'

    White House reacts to U.S. troops withdrawing from Iraqi cities

  6. 'Guardedly Optimistic'

    Foreign policy expert analyzes Iraq troop withdrawal, warns of sectarian violence returning

  7. Withdrawal

    Oliver North comments on U.S. troops leaving Iraq

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