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Iraqi People

Obama: 'The State of Our Union Is Strong'

State of the Union, Part 3: President proposes government spending freeze to combat national debt; salutes troops

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  1. Leaving Iraq

    Pentagon previews U.S. troop withdrawal

  2. Women at War

    What is life like for our female troops in Iraq?

  3. New Prayers

    Marines in Haditha worry about family life, facing fewer enemies in battle

  4. Talking Points: 6/16

    Covering the military

  5. Baghdad at Play

    Bill Hemmer visits a soccer park insurgents once used to fire missiles at the Green Zone

  6. Iraqi Government Still at Stalemate

    Nearly 7 months after Iraqis went to the polls, bickering politicians have failed to choose a prime minister

  7. Done Deal

    Iraq clears last hurdle to pass U.S. security pact

  8. Handling Iran

    Military expert Col. David Hunt warns Alan that our country cannot afford to go to war with Iran

  9. Bush at United Nations

    President tells General Assembly terrorism has no place in the modern world

  10. Ballot Backlash for Business Bashers?

    Jack and Suzy Welch on whether job creators will have the last laugh

  11. Presidential Farewell

    Laura Ingraham analyzes Bush's final primetime address

  12. Talking Points: 6/18

    The oil war explodes

  1. Christmas in Iraq

    Remembering our service members overseas

  2. New Year's in Baghdad

    U.S. troops celebrate in Iraq

  3. Obama Not Taking the Lead?

    New Fox News contributor Evan Bayh analyzes president's handling of crises in Japan and Libya

  4. 'Important Step Forward'

    President Obama marks Iraq milestone, says nation's future is in its own hands

  5. Palestine Hotel

    Bill Hemmer revisits site of deadly bombing, now rebuilt and revitalized

  6. Popping Off

    Why Nick Popaditch is running for Congress

  7. Young Iranian Voices

    A personal look at how young Iranians continue protesting despite violence

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