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Iraqi Kurds

Expectations from White House on Libya

What can we expect the White House's long-term strategy to be in Libya?

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  1. SAG Awards and Fox 411 Headlines

    Allison McGevna joins us to give the inside scoop on the winners and losers from the Screen Actors Guild Awards

  2. All Drama for Obama

    Potential 2012 candidate Rick Santorum analyzes Pres. Obama's handling of crisis in Libya

  3. Blasts Kill 76 in Iraq

    Rapid-fire bombings and mortar strikes leave dozens dead, over 100 wounded across multiple Baghdad neighborhoods

  4. Obama's 2011 To-Do List

    President's agenda for the New Year

  5. Honeymoon Is Over?

    Growing tensions between Iraq's central government and its Kurdish population

  6. Sheikh Tarik Al Abdullah

    Greta's full interview with the man who wants to be prime minister of Iraq

  7. Special Visit

    Vice President Biden meets with troops in Iraq

  8. U.S. Combat Troops Leave Iraq

    Obama prepares speech on Iraq's future without the American military

  9. Sectarian Tension

    New concern that Iraq's Anbar province could return to violence

  10. Surge Success

    Barack Obama admits surge in Iraq worked but still criticizes the overall war

  11. Strategy Room Headlines

    Obama meets with Chinese president, more details in Fort Hood shooter

  12. 'On the Record' with Sen. McCain, Part 1

    McCain on Attorney General Holder, the underwear bomber, Obama's budget and more

  1. Beckel for Breakfast: Libyan Airstrikes

    Is NATO the right choice to take over control in Libya?

  2. Alternative Medicines Safe for Kids?

    New research shows vitamins, herbs may actually do harm

  3. Holy War on the Horizon?

    Christians, police clash after Egypt church bombing

  4. After the Show Show: Donald Rumsfeld

    Former defense secretary answers viewers' questions

  5. Liberal Media's Dilemma Covering Obama's Libya Decision

    Bernie Goldberg on how press will report on controversial invasion

  6. Did Obama Make the Right Move?

    Did Obama take the right approach in Libya?

  7. 'Stay Out of Libya'

    Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) tells Alan why he believes the United States actions in Libya violate the Constitution.

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