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Tensions With Pakistan Bubble to Surface

Reuters bureau chief explains U.S., Pakistan relations

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  1. Medal of Honor Awarded to Fallen Green Beret

    Staff Sgt. Robert Miller saved 22 lives in Afghanistan

  2. Afghan War's Deadliest Year

    Can coalition forces reverse troubling trend?

  3. Incredible Firefight Caught on Tape

    Marines exchange gunfire with Taliban in Afghanistan

  4. Sheikh Tarik Al Abdullah

    Greta's full interview with the man who wants to be prime minister of Iraq

  5. Sectarian Tension

    New concern that Iraq's Anbar province could return to violence

  6. Combat Hunters

    Camp Pendleton unveils new 'primal skill' training for Marines

  7. Al Qaeda Plot?

    Kuwait arrests suspects in plan to attack U.S. military base

  8. Way to Win It?

    How will additional 30,000 troops impact fight in Afghanistan?

  9. Eight Years Later

    History of war in Afghanistan

  10. Lessons From Iraq

    California town using military strategy to stop gang warfare

  11. Winning Strategy?

    Is Obama's new plan for Afghanistan sound?

  12. 'Special Report' Online Show: 8/25

    Jennifer Griffin on returning to work, interviewing Gen. Petraeus

  1. Adm. Mike Mullen

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff defends Afghanistan strategy

  2. U.S. Soldier Captured

    American GI held by insurgents in Afghanistan

  3. The Next Step

    Does America need a new strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

  4. Taliban Comeback

    Insurgents regrouping in Afghanistan

  5. Violence on the Rise Near Afghan Border

    NATO troops and supplies have dealt with an increase in attacks along Afghan-Pakistan border

  6. Defcon3 7/7/09

    Will Iraq succeed as the first self-sustaining democracy in the Arab-Muslim world?

  7. U.S. Foreign Policy Examined

    Briefing on Afghan war strategy and US-China summit

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