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Green Zone

Major Milestone

U.S. hands over control of Baghdad's Green Zone to Iraq

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  1. Science to Explore with Your Kids

    Doktor Kaboom makes science lessons hands-on

  2. Obama Overseas

    FNC military analysts weigh in on Obama's Mideast trip

  3. Withdrawal

    Oliver North comments on U.S. troops leaving Iraq

  4. On the Fox Lot: 4/2

    Tina Fey and Steve Carell look for that loving feeling; 'Clash of the Titans' back on the big screen

  5. Steve Schirripa's 'Hungry Ghosts'

    'Sopranos' alum stars in new movie

  6. Media Matters

    How did the media cover Tax Day tea parties?

  7. Surprise Visit

    Bush makes last trip to Iraq as President, live report from Iraq

  8. Reality Check

    MoveOn circulating petition saying FOX News is racist

  9. Let's Talk

    Iran rules out suspending uranium enrichment

  10. Let's Make a Deal

    Frustrated U.S. officials urge Iraq to accept security deal

  11. Obama Abroad

    Illinois senator and presidential candidate takes the world stage on a major overseas trip

  12. Under Fire

    Did Joe Biden exaggerate details of chopper trip in Afghanistan?

  1. Historic Development

    Iraq takes over control of the Green Zone from U.S. troops

  2. Chicago Heads to Polls in Mayoral Race

    Rahm Emanuel hopes to avoid runoff

  3. Security Threat?

    American commanders in Iraq are taking Iran's missile test seriously

  4. Vet's Vital Video

    Sgt. Joe Cook, star of inspiring Youtube video, chats with Bill Hemmer

  5. Moving Forward

    Amb. Adam J. Ereli discusses future of Iraq, new American embassy

  6. Talking Points: 8/11

    'Factor' Investigation: Is American technology killing our military people in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  7. Baghdad at Play

    Bill Hemmer visits a soccer park insurgents once used to fire missiles at the Green Zone

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