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Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda Making Comeback in Iraq?

New report suggests terror group is offering Iraqi government contractors money to switch sides

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  1. Deadliest Baghdad Bombing in Months

    Explosions kill 60, injure 120 more in Iraqi capital

  2. Press Missing Point of Ground Zero Mosque Battle?

    Media gravitates to impassioned arguments surrounding both sides of issue

  3. 'Ask Major'

    Final installment of Major Garrett's video blog

  4. Debt to the Far Left

    Former US Ambassador to the United Nations thinks Obama will not moderate his rhetoric and will pay off his debt to the Far Left of the Democrat Party and leave Iraq hurling it into chaos

  5. Moving Out

    Are Iraqi security forces ready to take charge?

  6. Al Qaeda Expanding Its Reach

    Report: Al Qaeda in Pakistan guiding Yemen-based Al Qaeda

  7. Al Qaeda in Yemen Responsible for Mail Bomb Threat

    Is Yemen the new headquarters for Al Qaeda ?

  8. Al Qaeda Suspected in Package Scare

    Working theory links suspicious items to Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula

  9. Bad News for Al Qaeda ?

    Intelligence officials find silver lining in Mideast protests

  10. Al Qaeda Having Money Problems?

    Militant group urging followers to steal from 'enemy' to fund terror

  11. Report: Al Qaeda Stole Missiles From Qaddafi Stockpile

    NATO commander sees 'flickers' of terror element among Libyan rebels

  12. Al Qaeda Backing Libyan Rebels?

    Former CIA operative Michael Baker on potential terrorist group connection to opposition forces in Libya

  1. Operation: Lion's Roar

    Report: Iraqi forces leading final purge of Al Qaeda in Iraq

  2. Terrorist Bomb Rocket Egypt

    Christens targeted on New Year's Day bombing

  3. Clearing Diyala

    U.S., Iraqi troops tackle insurgent stronghold

  4. America's New Role in Iraq

    President Obama to address nation on future counterterrorism efforts

  5. Improved Security

    Adm. Mullen tours Mosul during Iraq visit

  6. Danger Zone

    Speculation that as violence decreases in Iraq, troops may head to more unstable areas instead of coming home

  7. Withdrawal

    Oliver North comments on U.S. troops leaving Iraq

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