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al Qaeda In Libya

Beck: U.S. Unwittingly Aiding Al Qaeda in Libya ?

Will terror group exploit power vacuum created by weakened or ousted Qaddafi?

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  1. Flickers of Al -Qaeda in Libyan Opposition

    Reports indicate presence of terrorist organization

  2. The Coming Revolution, Could the Unrest in Libya Lead to a Civil War?

    Fox News Middle East Expert, Walid Phares, joins us to give his speculations on the unrest and increasing violence in the Middle East, specifically in Libya , and how it could lead to an inevitable civil war.

  3. Risky Business in Libya

    Sen. Lindsey Graham sounds off on Pres. Obama's address on Libya , coalition strategy and the possibility of arming Libyan rebels

  4. Al Qaeda in Libyan Rebel Ranks?

    Did they steal missiles?

  5. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya , calls Obama's strategy confused

  6. Why Libya and Not Other Oppressive Countries?

    What's the defined mission in Libya ? Plus the latest in Syria

  7. Who's Really in Charge of Libya Mission?

    Amb. John Bolton on Obama's speech, why NATO leading the Libya mission doesn't reduce U.S. influence and the unrest in Yemen and Syria

  8. Is There an End in Sight for Libya ?

    How Obama should handle Libya and the Middle East

  9. Arab League Sending Mixed Message on Libya Air Strikes

    Report: Arab League official says 'Libya is an Arab duty above all'

  10. White House Strategy on Libya

    What is President Obama’s long-term strategy?

  11. Should the U.S. Enforce a Regime Change in Libya ?

    Libyan rebels set cease-fire terms

  12. Bloody Conflict Escalating in Libya

    How much involvement should U.S. have in crisis?

  1. Al Qaeda Infiltrating Libyan Rebel Forces?

    David Pollock takes a look at the make up of Libya's anti-Qaddafi movementjoins us to discuss

  2. Gingrich Rates Obama's Handling of Conflict in Libya , Part 1

    Former House speaker on whether the U.S. took the right action in dealing with Qaddafi

  3. Fight for Libya : Closer Look at Opposition

    Who are the rebels and what are they capable of achieving?

  4. Al Qaeda Backing Libyan Rebels?

    Former CIA operative Michael Baker on potential terrorist group connection to opposition forces in Libya

  5. Report: Al Qaeda Stole Missiles From Qaddafi Stockpile

    NATO commander sees 'flickers' of terror element among Libyan rebels

  6. Bad News for Al Qaeda ?

    Intelligence officials find silver lining in Mideast protests

  7. Al Qaeda Infiltrating Libyan Rebels?

    Former CIA operative Wayne Simmons on potential involvement of terrorist groups in Libyan conflict

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