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Iran seeking ban on vasectomies to increase birthrate

In an attempt to increase the country’s birthrate, Iran’s parliament – the Majlis –  is trying to ban vasectomies and tighten abortion rules, The Guardian reported.The discussion by the conservative-dominated parliament comes after the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticized the country’s existing policies on contraception last year. Khamenei urged the government to address what he believes is an aging population— and to make efforts to double the population from 77 million to at least 150 million.The current proposals before parliament suggest a ban on vasectomies and punishment for those encouraging contraceptive services and abortions – a departure from Iran’s progressive laws of the 1990s, which included subsidized vasectomies and free condoms."If we move forward like this, we will be a country of elderly people in a not too distant future," Khamenei said in October, according to the semi-official Fars news agency. "Why do some [couples] prefer to have one … or ...

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  1. Former Iran official describes alleged US sabotage of nuke program

    The former head of Iran's nuclear program is laying out in detail how the U.S. and other intelligence agencies allegedly carried out a constant campaign of sabotage ...

  2. Special Report Online: 4/16/14

    Where do Republicans stand in 2014?

  3. UN report says Iran has neutralized half of its uranium stock closest to nuke-arms grade.

    The U.N. nuclear agency says Iran has neutralized half of its stockpile of higher-enriched uranium that could be turned quickly into the core of a nuclear weapon.The...

  4. Hard-line Iranian lawmakers urge election ban on former president and Ahmadinejad ally

    Hard-line Iranian lawmakers petitioned authorities Tuesday to bar two prominent presidential contenders — a moderate former president and a protege of current Presid...

  5. Is Putin making President Obama look weak?

    Ukraine military clashes with pro-Russia militants; takes back airport

  6. Few success for the White House to celebrate?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the President’s record.

  7. Iran's supreme leader backs no candidate, but throws clout behind 'small office' presidency

    At the height of Iran's internal political clashes in late 2011, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei became so exasperated that he warned the Islamic Republic coul...

  8. Bolton on Jews' registration in E. Ukraine, Obama 'weakness'

    Former US ambassador to the U.N. sounds off on report of Jews in one Ukrainian city being sent notices telling them to register and how volatility in Syria , Ukraine, Iran all illustrate Pres. Obama's weakness

  9. Report: Moderate earthquake jolts remote district in southern Iran ; no casualties reported

    Iran's state TV says a magnitude 5.3 earthquake has jolted a sparsely populated district in the south of the country. The quake was moderate and no injuries were rep...

  10. Former Iran official claims US sabotage of nuke program

    Jonathan Hunt reports from New York

  11. Clashes Erupt in Iran After Ahmadinejad Declared Winner of Presidential Election

    Supporters of the main election challenger to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad clashed with police and set up barricades of burning tires Saturday as authorities claimed the hard...

  12. Iran's election: Echoes of Ahmadinejad and expectations of surprises

    Iranians have seen it before: A youngish presidential candidate firing up crowds with fist-waving rants against the West, then displaying his Islamist bona fides wit...

  1. Iran cries foul over US rejection of ambassador

    Tension rising over Obama administration's decision to deny a visa to Iran's choice for U.N. ambassador because of his role in the 1979 US Embassy hostage crisis

  2. Official: Iran will not discuss its ballistic missiles program as part of nuclear talks

    Iran's defense minister says Tehran will not discuss its ballistic missiles as part of ongoing talks with world powers on a final agreement to curb the Iranian nucle...

  3. Iran fights U.S. on U.N. ambassador

    Eric Shawn reports on Tehran's U.N. moves

  4. Iran's President Rouhani underscores his outreach to West, moderate policies at army parade

    Iran's president has underscored his moderate policies and outreach to the West during a military parade marking the country's National Army Day.Hassan Rouhani said ...

  5. US says forfeiture over Iran assets in New York, elsewhere will be record terror-related deal

    A federal judge has approved plans to sell a 36-story Manhattan office building and other properties owned by Iran nationwide in what will be the largest terrorism-r...

  6. Ahmadinejad says aide's disqualification from Iran presidential race is act of 'oppression'

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that a decision by election overseers to disqualify his top aide from next month's presidential race is an act o...

  7. UN nuclear agency claims Iran cuts uranium stock in new report

    The U.N. nuclear agency says Iran has neutralized half of its stockpile of higher-enriched uranium that could be turned quickly into the core of a nuclear weapon.The...

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