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Apple, Shazam to partner for iOS 8? ’s Samantha Murphy on PlayStation 4 sales, Yahoo, Apple and Shazam.

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  1. Experimental prosthetic hand allows user to feel objects

    Medical breakthrough communicates with brain through implanted electrodes

  2. Could sound be the next weapon?

    Sound may be your next deadly threat.The European Space Agency’s Large European Acoustic Facility ( that’s LEAF for short ) has a 36-foot wide by 54-foot high wall o...

  3. Spying on the U.N.? ’s Christina Warren on whether the NSA can track all emails, texts and social media posts.

  4. Navigating the Metadata Maze editor Lance Ulanoff explains how metadata from our Internet searches, calls, and emails is tracked and categorized by the NSA.

  5. Would you trust a car that drives itself?

    Hi-tech cars take center stage at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

  6. Is your gadget making you sick?

    Put down your PC -- it could make you sick.New York Magazine has put together a list of gadget-related illnesses, and once you read it, you'll never look at a comput...

  7. Are Smart TV's the future of television? ’s Pete Pachal on what you can expect in 2013

  8. Apple’s Patent Lawsuit Win’s Impact on Technology

    Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum and Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff on how Apple’s patent lawsuit victory will impact the technology industry.

  9. Group unveils animal-free robot petting zoo

    This is Megabyte: for gadget geeks who love their gizmos.   First up!  Everyone deserves love -- even the dearly departed. Hence a dating site for ghosts and you!  G...

  10. No No Why are US gov’t websites offline?

    Wondering why Uranus spins backwards? Or how many moons Saturn has? Don’t ask NASA .Looking for data on food and nutrition? Don’t turn to the USDA .Want a map for yo...

  11. Are robots coming for your job?

    New software could make robots smart enough to perform key tasks

  12. Which Tablet Should Make Your Holiday Gift List? Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff on the differences between Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

  1. New report claims frequent Twitter users are more likely to cheat on their partner

    If your significant other is on twitter constantly, you may want to listen up.Frequent twitter users are more likely to cheat, break up or get divorced, according to...

  2. at CES -

    Pete Griffin hosts an interview with Tech Editor Pete Pachal

  3. Marc Jacobs allowing customers to pay by tweeting tech reporter Samantha Murphy on tech-connected homes, Marc Jacobs pay by tweeting and the ‘Flappy Bird’ app.

  4. Is Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos the new Steve Jobs? tech reporter Samantha Murphy weighs in on Amazon’s proposed drone delivery system and a Microsoft advertisement.

  5. Is tech still a winner? tech reporter Samantha Murphy Kelly on young people and technology.

  6. Here's where your e-waste goes

    Have you ever wondered what happens to your tech garbage? Your old laptops, phone chargers, gaming consoles? Despite regulations meant to prevent it, many of them en...

  7. Real-life 'Robocop' helps wounded officers, vets work

    A look at new remote technlogy

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