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Joe Arpaio

'Not Going to Stop'

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio defying feds and moving forward with illegal immigration sweep

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  1. 'Arrest Arpaio, Not the People!'

    Protestors of Arizona's immigration law turned their focus on outspoken sheriff

  2. 'Try to Pinpoint the Area'

    Sheriff on what to do after witness reports seeing something fall out of balloon believed to have boy in it

  3. 'Strategy Room' AM Newsbreak 7/30

    Latest headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  4. DOJ Going After America's Toughest Sheriff?

    Joe Arpaio's attorney on federal investigation of arrests of illegals

  5. Joe Miller's Message: 'Don't Count the Tea Party Out'

    Former U.S. Senate candidate on new PAC, Tea Party movement

  6. Under Fire

    Sheriff Arpaio responds to lawsuit alleging racial profiling

  7. Enforcement Dispute

    Federal official responds to Arizona sheriff's concerns about illegal immigrants

  8. Pretty in Pink?

    Rapper DMX angry at color of Sheriff Arpaio's prison jumpsuits

  9. Family Vacation Gadgets

    Parent-approved inventions ease stress of traveling with young children

  10. Judge Releases Dangerous Non-Citizen in Arizona

    Sheriff Paul Babeu on massive manhunt for armed suspect caused by flawed justice system

  11. Harsh Technique?

    Chris Newman of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network debates Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies over whether or not fingerprint scanning technology should be used to deport illegal immigrants.

  1. New Sheriff in Town

    Obama administration curbs Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's ability to arrest illegals

  2. Arizona Protesters Chain Selves to Jail

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio on what lies ahead for state law enforcement in wake of judge's immigration law injunction

  3. Jingle Hell?

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio tells Alan why he's forcing prisoners to listen to Christmas music non-stop this holiday season.

  4. Show Your Papers at the Door?

    Arizona legislature considers making hospitals require proof of citizenship when going to the emergency room

  5. Kyl 'Disappointed' With SB 1070 Ruling

    Arizona senator says he'll do everything he can to help state secure border

  6. SB 1070 Blockade a Bad Move for Democrats?

    Fox News polling shows 50 percent of Americans favor Arizona's illegal immigration crackdown

  7. Security Breach

    There are terror plots around the country yet we refuse to secure our borders