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Immigration Enforcement

Gov. Brewer: Immigration Enforcement Is 'Nothing Different'

Arizona governor says federal government is blowing state's law out of proportion

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  1. Lack of Leadership at ICE?

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers complain about agency's director

  2. ICE Chief Goes 'On the Record'

    John Morton defends agency's tracking of illegal immigrants as questions about guidelines and resources surface

  3. First Look: Utah's 'Going Arizona'

    Congressman Stephen Sandstrom gives 'On the Record' a first look at his proposed immigration law

  4. Enforcement Dispute

    Federal official responds to Arizona sheriff's concerns about illegal immigrants

  5. Brewer Considers Changing SB 1070

    Arizona legislature looks at altering immigration law

  6. Unintended Consequence of Immigration Law?

    Will loophole in Arizona's controversial law mean amnesty for more illegals?

  7. ICE Chief: 'I'm Against Amnesty'

    John Morton defends agency's programs

  8. Virginia's Governor Blasts Health Care Mandate

    Gov. McDonnell: 'We don't think it's constitutional'

  9. Battle Over SB 1070 Far From Over?

    Both parties see political gain in ongoing illegal immigration fight

  10. Harsh Technique?

    Chris Newman of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network debates Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies over whether or not fingerprint scanning technology should be used to deport illegal immigrants.

  11. Americans Endangered By Illegal Immigration?

    Former immigration official says federal government has blood on its hands due to refusal to enforce law

  12. Criminal Illegal Immigrants Not Welcome

    ICE director John Morton on what was behind announcing the crackdown on illegals with criminal records

  1. Illegal Suspected of Killing Nun in Head-On Collision

    Would stronger federal immigration enforcement have prevented Sister Denise Mosier's tragic death?

  2. Key Lawmakers on Budget Battle

    Sen. Durbin, Rep. Hensarling talk spending showdown

  3. Battle Lines Drawn Over Budget Cuts

    Lawmakers talk program spending and government shutdown

  4. States vs. DOJ on Illegal Immigration

    Growing number of states considering crackdown on illegals

  5. Show Your Papers at the Door?

    Arizona legislature considers making hospitals require proof of citizenship when going to the emergency room

  6. Lawmaker Pushes for Sanctuary City Crackdown

    Sen. David Vitter aims to cut off funding to cities harboring illegal immigrants

  7. State Complicates Obama's Immigration Battle

    Virginia attorney general rules police can check immigration status

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