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Illegal Immigration

Voters Say Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

Poll shows voters blame government for illegal immigration

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  1. Illegal Immigration Double Standard?

    Critics question White House response to sanctuary cities

  2. Anti-Illegal Immigration Group Pushes 'Safe Passage'

    Group wants federal government to help illegals safely leave U.S.

  3. Florida Jumps Into Illegal Immigration Debate

    Fla. attorney general, lawmakers model bill after Arizona law, but will it withstand a court challenge?

  4. Latest Battleground in Illegal Immigration Debate

    Virginia implements own policy on handling illegals

  5. Global Warming Causing Illegal Immigration ?

    New study claims crop losses from climate change will cause up to 7 million Mexicans to flood into U.S.

  6. Americans Endangered By Illegal Immigration ?

    Former immigration official says federal government has blood on its hands due to refusal to enforce law

  7. Dobbs: Obama 'Gaming' the System

    FBN's Lou Dobbs takes Pres. Obama to task over his disappointment over the DREAM Act not passing, not taking on illegal immigration seriously

  8. 'Not Going to Stop'

    Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio defying feds and moving forward with illegal immigration sweep

  9. Brewer Reacts to Immigration Law Ruling

    Arizona governor on next step for state after partial blockade of illegal immigration policy

  10. Whitman's Housekeeper Woes

    Candidate's housekeeper brings illegal immigration to forefront of debate

  11. Health Care on the Border

    Is illegal immigration bad for America's health?

  12. Legalize Illegals?

    Closer look at toll of illegal immigration on California

  1. States vs. DOJ on Illegal Immigration

    Growing number of states considering crackdown on illegals

  2. Illegal Immigration Takes Toll on Taxpayers

    Welfare costs for kids of illegals rise in California

  3. Time to Tackle Illegal Immigration

    How will the GOP approach immigration debate in the new Congress?

  4. Illegal Immigration Fight Takes Flight

    Arizona sheriff launches Operation Desert Sky

  5. Cashin' In: Illegal Immigration Audit

    What You Need to Know: IRS plan to use auditors to find illegals wastes money

  6. Can Federal Auditors Stop Illegal Immigration ?

    Former INS agent responds to new administration initiative

  7. Lawmakers Working to Curb Illegal Immigration

    Special committee meets to discuss building fence along Arizona-Mexico border

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