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Illegal Aliens

Is Term 'Illegal Alien' Offensive?

Bernie Goldberg on journalist group trying to change phrase to 'undocumented immigrant'

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  1. Following the Arizona Model

    Rhode Island representatives set to visit Arizona as they craft their own bipartisan immigration law

  2. State Spends Millions on Health Care for Illegals

    Massachusetts taxpayers hit hard for illegal immigrants' medical treatments

  3. Illegal Suspected of Killing Nun in Head-On Collision

    Would stronger federal immigration enforcement have prevented Sister Denise Mosier's tragic death?

  4. Should Children Born to Illegals in U.S. Become Citizens?

    Debate over 'anchor babies' and 14th Amendment in spotlight

  5. Gay Marriage OK With Americans?

    Taking the pulse of the people on the nation's biggest political issues

  6. Tea Party Activist Seeking Senate Seat

    Jim Deakin takes on McCain, Hayworth in Arizona

  7. Meeting of the Minds in Arizona

    Two Rhode Island state reps give the inside story on their meeting with Gov. Jan Brewer as they mull new immigration law

  8. Broken System

    Will Colorado fix its 'failed' illegal immigration system? Tom Tancredo weighs in

  9. Immigration Law Not Tough Enough?

    Oklahoma lawmaker wants to take Arizona measure one step further

  10. Deep Political Pockets

    Why the SEIU is advocating illegal immigrants to be counted in Census

  11. Tancredo Running for Governor

    Former presidential candidate on his campaign for governor of Colorado

  12. Miller Time: 5/19

    Dennis Miller on U.S.-China human rights brouhaha and return of Rev. Wright

  1. Simple Question Leads to Illegal Alien Bust

    Former marine patrol agent stops 13 people at border

  2. Obama Administration's Best Kept Secret?

    Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano on the record crackdown on criminal illegal aliens and why it's been kept so quiet

  3. Fight for Justice

    Illegal alien murders high school football star after being released from jail

  4. 'Undocumented Immigrant' Debate in No Spin Zone

    Society of Professional Journalists pushing for new term for illegal aliens

  5. Illegal Drunk Driver Being Used as Example?

    Family of illegal immigrant accused of killing nun in car crash claims he's being used to 'crucify' illegals across U.S.

  6. First Look: Utah's 'Going Arizona'

    Congressman Stephen Sandstrom gives 'On the Record' a first look at his proposed immigration law

  7. The Left Targets Dobbs?

    Lou Dobbs fights allegations he hired illegal immigrants

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