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'Encouraged and Saddened'

Sen. DeMint gives a progress report after a trip to Honduras

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  1. Dictators in Trouble?

    Why a coup in Honduras and riots in Iran could be good for America

  2. Dr. Henry Kissinger, Pt. 2

    From Afghanistan to Iraq and Honduras , former secretary of state goes 'On the Record'

  3. Greg-alogue: 7/1

    Where the heck are Obama's priorities?

  4. Third Break: 9/25

    Stephen Colbert's Capitol Hill antics

  5. New GOP Frontrunner?

    Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour responds to 2012 chatter

  6. Dr. Henry Kissinger, Pt. 1

    From Afghanistan to Iraq and Honduras , former secretary of state goes 'On the Record'

  7. Tuesday's Halftime Report

    Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  8. The One Thing: 6/30

    The improbable truth about politicians

  9. Model's Murder

    Reality show contestant now a suspect as gruesome details emerge

  10. Fair and Balanced?

    Conservative columnist Ann Coulter on bias in the mainstream media

  11. Arizona Drop House Arrest

    Police raid safe house for alleged illegal immigrants

  12. Drug Cartel Believed Responsible for Mexico Massacre

    Soldiers find pile of bodies 100 miles south of U.S.-Mexico border; one man believed to be sole survivor of tragic event

  1. Vowing to Return

    Ousted Honduran president addresses United Nations in effort to get international support

  2. Breakin' It Down!

    Charles Krauthammer on Honduran politics!

  3. Honduras Smoking

    Honduras seeks to stop smoking even at home

  4. No Star Panel

    Panel discusses Sanford affair, Michael Jackson's dad, Honduras coup

  5. Honduras Coup

    Will ousted president be allowed to return?

  6. Lawrence Eagleburger, Pt. 2

    Greta's wide-ranging interview with the former Secretary of State

  7. The Year of Obama!

    Dr. Larry Sabato on Obama!

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