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iPhone 4 Review: The Best Smartphone Ever?

Now that I've spent some quality time with the iPhone 4 I can safely say it's by far the best smartphone on the market — it's even better than other overhyped phones slated to be released mid-summer! And I say that with a brand new Motorola Droid X (coming out July 15) in one pants pocket and the just released HTC EVO from Sprint in the other. The iPhone 4 beats them all.Let's start with the screen, which Apple has branded a "Retina Display." It's the most crisp display I've ever seen. Reading books via the newly launched iBooks app is stunning. Yesterday, Amazon released an update to their popular Kindle app to take full advantage of the new display. Once you step out of the Apple PR cocoon, you really do need to hold the new iPhone in your hands to see how remarkable it is.The most marketable feature is FaceTime, which is what Apple is calling the new video call feature. Sure, others have tried to do video calling and have succeeded, but it's never been this easy to do. On the iPhone...

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