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Watergate Scandal

Eyewitness to History

Why did Richard Nixon agree to sit down with David Frost?

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  1. Judge Napolitano's History of Liberty, Part 4

    Judge Napolitano looks at FDR's state and LBJ's society for Fox Nation

  2. Saturday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  3. McCain Guy...

    Tucker Bounds on Obama's smooth sales pitch!

  4. 'Factor' Flashback

    O'Reilly looks at Deep Throat's legacy

  5. Michael Steele Responds to Campaign Cash Controversy

    RNC chair on anonymous donor

  6. Use Your Head: 8/14

    TARP funds coming to an apartment building near you?

  7. FOX News Exclusive

    Watch Carl Cameron's complete, unedited interview with John McCain

  8. Greg-alogue: 11/25

    Media silent on global warming scandal

  9. Extreme Makeover

    Energy bill may force you to make home energy efficiency

  10. Blago Busted

    How have the media covered the arrest of the Illinois governor?

  11. Losing a Legend

    '60 Minutes' correspondent on the death of the show's creator

  12. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less.

  1. Making History

    A look back at memorable inaugurations past

  2. On This Day: 8/8

    In 1974, President Richard Nixon announces his resignation effective the next day

  3. 'Obama's Wars' Exposed

    Should the media be telling the whole story?

  4. FOX Flashback #18

    1st atomic bombing, U.S. embassies bombed, Nixon resigns, tankers collide and burn, voyage of the Nautilus, Jesse Owens

  5. The Politics of Lying

    Do some tall tales make you unfit for public office?

  6. Trump: 'My Message Is Better'

    Exclusive: Donald Trump on a potential 2012 run, his Mar-a-Lago estate

  7. History Lesson

    What the past reveals about the press and presidents

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