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Vietnam War

42 Years Later

Army buddies and Vietnam War vets find each other alive

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  1. 'Stay Out of Libya'

    Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) tells Alan why he believes the United States actions in Libya violate the Constitution.

  2. Coast Guard Taking On Drug Smugglers

    New tool unveiled to combat fully submersible submarines

  3. Flight 93 Memorial Needs Money

    Families of victims ask Congress to approve funds

  4. Fighting Drug War at Sea

    Coast Guard hopes new cutters will help in battle against smugglers

  5. Multi-Million Dollar Coast Guard Makeover

    Guard replacing aging fleet with new state of the art cutters

  6. Battle Lines Still Drawn in Libya

    Should the U.S. continue the fight in Libya and go after Qaddafi?

  7. Eight Year Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion

    Protesters stage rallies in major cities

  8. Fallen Heroes Proj.

    Michael Reagan and his Fallen Heroes Project provides closure for the families left behind.

  9. Update on Ex-Bush Aide Murder

    Police looking for answers

  10. Outrage in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin State Senator Bob Jauch (D) joins Alan to express his outrage at the Senate Republicans for cutting collective bargaining rights.

  11. State Department Promotes Pentagon Papers Documentary

    K.T. McFarland weighs in

  12. Searching for Answers

    Investigation continues in tragic death of former Bush aide John Wheeler

  1. This Week in History: October 18

    Blockbuster opens, Vietnam War protests and HUAC investigates Hollywood

  2. Bottoms Up!

    Alaska State Rep. Bob Lynn (R) joins Alan to discuss his new bill which would lower the drinking age for our troops.

  3. Hollywood Nation: Shia LaBeouf Is Pretty in 'Pink'

    Olivia Wilde's 'family' drama; Mickey Rourke goes toothless

  4. Mark Levin on Legal Authority to Bomb Libya

    Does Libya action violate Constitution?

  5. Obama's Backlash From Abroad

    President's ratings amid Libyan turmoil

  6. Rebellion in Libya

    What is the Obama administration's policy on Libya and the current rebellion?

  7. Should Congress Act on Libya?

    Lawmakers want to debate military mission

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