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Roadblock on Long-Term Spending Solution

Sen. Cornyn weighs in on budget dispute

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  1. Huckabee: Spending vs. Investing

    When government spends, do taxpayers see benefit?

  2. Geraldo's Take on Libya

    Host of 'Geraldo at Large' weighs in on coalition air strikes

  3. Why Should We Vote?

    Peter Johnson Jr.'s message on casting your ballot

  4. Arizona Senate Approves Sweeping Immigration Bill

    Legislation targeting housing, benefits, the workplace and birthright citizenship sparking controversy

  5. Off With the Oath?

    Texas attorney general leading fight to keep religion in inaugural ceremony

  6. Politics of the Day

    Panel on whether Burris will take Senate seat

  7. Health Care Overhaul Back in the Spotlight

    Karl Rove on Missouri's strong message

  8. Kentucky GOP Senate Candidate

    Rand Paul on primary victory over Trey Grayson

  9. Rethinking 9/11 Trial

    What are options now that White House considers moving 9/11 trials outside NYC?

  10. Who Leaked Afghanistan Docs to Wikileaks?

    Army intel specialist formerly charged with leaking military secrets to website now under suspicion in leak of thousands more documents

  11. Unnecessary Force?

    Charges against Blackwater security guards for allegedly killing unarmed Iraqi civilians

  12. War on Ideals

    New Yorker writer Jane Mayer explains to Alan why she believes the War on Terror has become a war on American ideals.

  1. Going Hungry for Equal Rights

    Well-known discrimination attorney Gloria Allred explains her new mission

  2. Fiery Debate

    Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly go head to head over Washington state's anti-religion display in capitol building

  3. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from Fox News Channel

  4. 'Dark Day'

    Sister of 9/11 victim blasts decision to try confessed 9/11 mastermind in New York City

  5. Virginia's Governor Blasts Health Care Mandate

    Gov. McDonnell: 'We don't think it's constitutional'

  6. Jerome Corsi

    Part 2 of exclusive look at 'America for Sale'

  7. Price is Right!

    Rep. Price on the SOTU!

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