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Thomas Jefferson

  1. Freedom Watch: 6/24

    Part 2 of 4

  2. Holiday History

    Presidential significance of Fourth of July

  3. Texas Textbook Showdown Begins

    Lone Star State debating social studies curriculum

  4. First Responder

    Ferry captain, crew helped rescue 56 passengers trapped on downed plane's wing

  5. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less.

  6. Gadgets and Games: 10/16

    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests talk Netbooks, an iPhone App that can start your car, and Clayton plays Super Mario Bros with its creator Mr. Miyamoto

  7. 'We the People' - Lynne Cheney

    Mrs. Cheney talks about new book and Gov. Palin

  8. Militia Movement

    What's behind the rise in anti-government groups in the U.S.?

  9. The One Thing: 5/19

    Why is Anthony Weiner going after Beck?

  10. Holy Battle: O'Reilly vs. Maher

    'Real Time' and 'Factor' hosts spar over religion

  11. Making History

    A look back at memorable inaugurations past

  12. 'Liberty Wins'

    Libertarian seeks GOP nomination for Virginia congressional seat

  1. Saturday's Halftime Report

    S.E. Cupp puts the 'guest ombudswoman' in 'Red Eye' guest ombudswoman

  2. Beck: Exposing Planned Parenthood, Part 1

    Pro-life activist documents abortion provider's violations

  3. Presidential Obligation to Avenge Americans Killed Overseas?

    Charles Krauthammer weighs in on controversial topic

  4. Beck: Day of Rage for America?

    Look who's trying to organize America's youth

  5. Voters' View on Federal Government

    How will current public opinion impact this year's midterm elections?

  6. Plate Debate

    Do religious license plates disregard separation of church and state?

  7. Beck: Now Obama Cares About Religious Freedom?

    His administration has a funny way of showing it

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