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Thomas Jefferson

Voters' View on Federal Government

How will current public opinion impact this year's midterm elections?

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  1. Beck: Divine Providence vs. Manifest Destiny

    Has America strayed from our Founders' vision?

  2. Beck: Egypt Is Free...

    Now what?

  3. Beck: Exposing Planned Parenthood, Part 1

    Pro-life activist documents abortion provider's violations

  4. Beck: Constitutionally Speaking

    How do you like your Constitution?

  5. Presidential Obligation to Avenge Americans Killed Overseas?

    Charles Krauthammer weighs in on controversial topic

  6. Beck: Day of Rage for America?

    Look who's trying to organize America's youth

  7. Beck: Rights and Responsibilities

    Have you taken the 40-Day and 40-Night challenge?

  8. Holy Battle: O'Reilly vs. Maher

    'Real Time' and 'Factor' hosts spar over religion

  9. Rand Paul: 'Tea Party Tidal Wave'

    Republican candidate wins Kentucky Senate seat

  10. Web Exclusive From West Point

    Bonus footage of Brian Kilmeade's exclusive interview with Lt. General David Huntoon

  11. Beck on Midterms and Beyond

    Glenn Beck's election predictions

  12. Plate Debate

    Do religious license plates disregard separation of church and state?

  1. Beck: Now Obama Cares About Religious Freedom?

    His administration has a funny way of showing it

  2. Bill Maher Unedited

    'Real Time' host's entire interview on 'The Factor'

  3. Beck: Republic vs. Democracy

    What did our Founders truly intend for our system of government?

  4. Saturday's Halftime Report

    S.E. Cupp puts the 'guest ombudswoman' in 'Red Eye' guest ombudswoman

  5. Why Does Beck Avoid Culture War Issues?

    Glenn Beck explains why he doesn’t focus on topics like gay marriage and abortion

  6. Beck: From Servitude to Slavery

    How did slavery in America start?

  7. Rand Paul Claims Victory in Kentucky

    'We've come to take our government back'

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