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The Civil War

Judge Napolitano's History of Liberty, Part 2

Judge Napolitano looks at the Civil War and Gilded Age for Fox Nation

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  1. Honest Obama?

    How does Barack Obama compare to his idol, Abraham Lincoln ?

  2. The One Thing: 1/28

    Less mouth, more math: Obama's State of the Union is proof he needs to look at the numbers

  3. Outrage in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin State Senator Bob Jauch (D) joins Alan to express his outrage at the Senate Republicans for cutting collective bargaining rights.

  4. Another Way To Bailout Broke States?

    Attorney's Public Pension Funding Authority

  5. NYC Overdue for an Earthquake?

    Experts say next could happen any time

  6. Clinton Heading to Middle East

    Top diplomat to meet with opposition figures

  7. Pro-Qaddafi Forces Advance East

    Qaddafi loyalists lay siege on rebel-held city of Ajdabiya

  8. Uncut: Lindsey Graham

    South Carolina senator sounds off on the 'anchor baby' clause in the Constitution, his vote on Elena Kagan and more

  9. History Lesson

    What the past reveals about the press and presidents

  10. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  11. Presidential Pardon

    Obama says by letting Courage live 'we have saved or created four turkeys' this Thanksgiving

  12. Reparations for Slavery ?

    Obama: America's 'tragic' history requires action, 'deeds'

  1. Textbook Debate in Virginia

    Book with Confederates error OK'd?

  2. Beck: From Servitude to Slavery

    How did slavery in America start?

  3. Dick Cheney on 'FNS'

    Part 1: Outgoing vice president comments on current economic crisis; fires back at Joe Biden

  4. Gettysburg Casino Fight

    A plan to build a casino in the Pennsylvania town has sparked debate

  5. The One Thing: 11/24

    Time for Obama to get his priorities in order

  6. Former Confederate Prison Camp Uncovered

    Georgia archeologists find Civil War treasures at Camp Lawton

  7. A Historical Look

    A look back at previous inaugurations and how Obama's will compare

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