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Spanish-American War

Archivists rediscover long-forgotten photos from Spanish-American War

Photographic archivists from the Naval History and Heritage Command have rediscovered about 150 original glass plate photographs from the Spanish-American War that may not have been seen by the public for more than a century. The photographs were found Feb. 5 in an archival storage space as the photo archive team was preparing for a renovation project. The photos were likely prepared by Douglas White, a photographer and war correspondent for the San Francisco Examiner, according to a news release.Lisa Crunk, the head of the command's photo archives, said the collection is significant to the Navy, which played a central role in nearly every aspect of the 1898 conflict between Spain and the United States, from logistics to diplomacy. "American planners and leaders anticipated that the fight with Spain would be primarily a naval war," Crunk said. "The U.S. Navy's victories at Manila Bay and Santiago de Cuba were pivotal events that turned the course of the war and joint Army-Navy operatio...

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