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'Imperial Cruise'

James Bradley on his new book

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  1. Health Care Debate Heats Up

    Reform bill put back to the test

  2. Real Time

    Alan and Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time, discuss the tea party movement and the upcoming election.

  3. The Coming Revolution, Could the Unrest in Libya Lead to a Civil War?

    Fox News Middle East Expert, Walid Phares, joins us to give his speculations on the unrest and increasing violence in the Middle East, specifically in Libya, and how it could lead to an inevitable civil war.

  4. Beck: Calvin Coolidge Still Matters

    Why progressives want you to forget about the 30th president

  5. 'Good to Be Home'

    Former President Bush speaks at Texas welcome-home rally

  6. 'Devaluing the Prize'

    Fmr. U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is 'fundamentally a political message'

  7. Corporate Greed to Blame?

    Wall Street in crisis: the candidates respond

  8. Unexpected Win

    President Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

  9. The One Thing: 11/30

    California is in the same sad shape as Dubai

  10. What's in a Name?

    Will President Obama take a 'progressive' approach to policy?

  11. Call the Veterinarian

    Obama's pythons are sick

  12. After the Show Show: 1/13

    Get to know the FOX & Friends anchors when they let their hair down!

  1. 'End of a Long Journey'

    John McCain concedes 2008 election to Barack Obama; urges all Americans to come together

  2. Fox Flashback #25

    Long Island Express, Federal Troops in Little Rock, first televised presidential debate, Taliban in power, Bush defends Iraq War, 1st national monument

  3. This Week in History: 2/14

    Galileo arrives in Rome

  4. Beck: 12 Signs Economy May Tank

    Where is the 'smart money' going?

  5. Saving a 'Quiet World'

    Historian Douglas Brinkley pens new book on U.S. government's fight to save wild Alaska

  6. As Fight Intensifies in Libya, Pressure Grows on Obama

    What can we expect from tonight's speech?

  7. Beck: Your Vote Matters

    Americans unite on common principles

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