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Theodore Roosevelt

Mineral Rights

Stretch of land where President Theodore Roosevelt once ran cattle is at center of property rights battle

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  1. The Perils of Ignoring China -- Teddy Roosevelt's Lessons for Obama

    The American mission to Asia ended in failure. China pushed back against American lectures about democracy and trade. And Beijing’s mandarins smoldered in anger over...

  2. Teddy Roosevelt's Unknown Asian Agenda

    Author James Bradley breaks down events preceding the war with Japan.

  3. Doris Kearns Goodwin on New Book

    Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses her new book on President Theodore Roosevelt and President William Taft.

  4. Did Theodore Roosevelt , Woodrow Wilson infringe on your liberties?

    FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

  5. A Look at a 'Wilderness Warrior' Pioneer

    This is a rush transcript from "On the Record," July 27, 2009. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: In 2009 i...

  6. Obama to Kansas to Invoke Teddy Roosevelt

    OSAWATOMIE, KAN. -- President Obama will give an economic speech in Osawatomie, Kan., Tuesday at a location the White House says it was very specific in picking and ...

  7. Romney plan for handing drill permit decisions to states stirs debate in West

    One of the primary planks of Mitt Romney's energy plan is re-igniting a decades-old debate in the West about who should control access to fossil fuels on federal lan...

  8. Top 10 Snowiest Major Cities Around the World

    Immobilizing snowfalls and subzero temperatures can have long-lasting effects on travel and commerce, as well as cause absences from work and school, especially in m...

  9. 2010 Redux: Team Obama goes all in on global warming

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here .**Buzz Cut: • 2010 Redux: Team Obama goes all in on global warming • Sebelius still tapping companies fo...

  10. Land of the free: 5 free things to do in DC with kids

    Watch how laws are madeSit back, relax, and watch a 13-minute video at the U.S. Capitol to get a feel for the impact that Congress has had on our country, then take ...

  11. Can Republicans fix the divide within the Party?

    ‘Takeover’ author Richard Viguerie on the growing divide within the Republican Party.

  12. President issues 2 executive orders on equal pay

    FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the President’s latest executive orders.

  1. McCain: Putin's words are just like Hitlers

    Sen. McCain to Steve Doocy on Kilmeade and Friends, “If you look at Adolf Hitler’s speech from a balcony in Vienna after they absorbed Austria..these words are just like Vladimir Putin’s about Crimea.”

  2. Teddy Roosevelt's Impact on Japan, Russia

    Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on the legacy of President Theodore Roosevelt .

  3. Obama Channels Roosevelt

    Chris Stirewalt, Debbie Dingel discuss Obama's effort to channel Teddy Roosevelt .

  4. Teddy Roosevelt : Obama & Gingrich’s Big-Government Hero?

    The Judge explains how the President of the United States and one of the leading Republicans trying to replace him both trace their ideological roots to the same person, President Teddy Roosevelt

  5. Teddy Roosevelt Treaties Led to WWII War in Pacific?

    “Flags of Our Fathers” author James Bradley argues President Theodore Roosevelt ’s secret treaties with Japan led to the Pacific war of World War II.

  6. NYC Museum Celebrates Teddy Roosevelt's Conservation Work

    NEW YORK — The natural world was a lifelong passion for U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. At age 8, Roosevelt started his own collection of natural history specimen...

  7. White House Holiday Traditions Through the Years

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the holiday spirit has been in full swing at the White House . One of the real feats of the holidays at the White Hou...

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