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Nelson Mandela

Geraldo Rivera Reports From Libya

Rebels hold rally in stronghold of Benghazi

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  1. Naomi Campbell Testifies in War Crimes Tribunal

    Supermodel a witness in case of former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor

  2. No Spin Zone Debut

    Ted Turner talks politics, FOX News and Fidel Castro with O'Reilly

  3. Farrow, Campbell at Odds Over 'Blood Diamonds'

    Actress and supermodel present conflicting accounts at war crimes trial

  4. Mia Farrow Contradicts Naomi Campbell

    Actress disputes model's testimony

  5. Misfire

    Report: Folks on FBI's terror watch list allowed to purchase firearms

  1. Code Pink Co-Founder Slams Libya Intervention

    Medea Benjamin speaks out against Obama's actions

  2. Behind Academy Walls

    Sordid abuse allegations kick off Oprah school trial

  3. Campbell Takes the Stand

    Model Naomi Campbell has testified at the war crimes trial of former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor

  4. Sweet Music

    Electric Six releases new album

  5. Aiming at McCain?

    Lanny Davis on Bill Clinton's claim that POWs can snap at any time

  6. After the Show Show: 2/2

    Jill Dobson reveals Oscar nominations

  7. Oscar Nominations Announced

    10 best picture contenders this year