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Mikhail Gorbachev

Is Obama Trying to Channel Reagan ?

'Tear down this wall' speechwriter reflects on Ronald Reagan's legacy

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  1. Don't Know Much About History?

    Think your kids' textbooks are riddled with mistakes? Take action

  2. Oliver North

    'War Stories' host on new administration's foreign policy

  3. Obama's Vaca Read...

    Brian spoke with Lou Cannon, author of 'President Reagan : Role of a Lifetime', about what he hopes President Obama will take from his book on President Reagan !

  4. Freedom Watch: 6/24

    Part 2 of 4

  5. Sens. Kyl, Durbin on 'FNS'

    Key senators talk 'don't ask, don't tell,' START

  6. Death of Journalism?

    Time Magazine crowns Obama Person of the Year after bureau chief accepts job in new administration

  7. Did He Deserve It?

    A look at the questions surrounding President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize honor

  8. Leftward Leaning?

    Are commonly used textbooks costing your child a fair education?

  9. Talking Points: 7/24

    Barack Obama speaks to the world

  10. The One Thing: 6/22

    Cries for freedom in Tehran met with silence from Washington

  11. Liberty for All

    Executive Director of the ACLU Anthony D. Romero tells Alan why the detainees at Guantanamo Bay deserve due process

  12. 'The Essential American'

    Jackie Gingrich Cushman explains her guide on the most important speeches and documents every patriot should know about

  1. Did Ronald Reagan Have Alzheimer's While President?

    Michael Reagan fires back at brother's claim

  2. Fox Flashback #27

    A U.S.-Russia summit, Yom Kippur War, Anwar Sadat assassinated, the Governator, and World Series history

  3. Gate Gone?

    Report: Barack Obama will not speak at Brandenburg Gate

  4. '48 Liberal Lies'

    Author examines textbooks for inaccuracy series

  5. History Lesson

    How the past can help Obama determine the future in Afghanistan

  6. Part 1: Rudy Giuliani on 'Hannity'

    Exclusive: Former New York City mayor on plans for 2012, President Obama

  7. Appeasement-Gate!

    Columnist Mark Steyn weighs in on the 1st general election battle between Obama and McCain.

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