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Korean War

FOX Flashback #17

Hitler consolidates power, Korean War ends, Olympic Park bombing, Linda Tripp charged, bomber crashes into Empire State Bldg, a royal wedding

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  1. New Theories

    Release of grand jury transcripts from trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg leads to new speculation

  2. Maj. Gen. Carla Hawley-Bowland

    Our Power Player of the Week commands Walter Reed Army Medical Center

  3. Global Entrepreneurs

    World Vision helps people throughout the world start their own business

  4. White Flight

    New Gallup poll shows Obama losing white voters' support

  5. Church and State?

    Battle over cross honoring veterans heads back to court

  6. 'Fire Shower'

    North Korea warns of nuclear retaliation as it marks war anniversary

  7. Rudy Giuliani on 9/11 Trials

    Former NYC mayor weighs in on Obama administration considering moving terrorist trials out of one of the 9/11 targets

  8. America's Sweetheart

    A look at Marilyn Monroe's career and achievements.

  9. Gen. Van Fleet Decorated

    FOX Movietone News: Ike decorates Gen. Van Fleet for his heroics during Korean War

  10. Television Icon

    Legendary comedian Ed McMahon dead at 86

  11. Graham: 'We Blew an Intel Opportunity'

    Sen. Lindsey Graham says treating terror suspects as civilians 'makes us a weaker nation'

  12. Rangel Under Pressure to Cut Deal

    House panel set to open ethics hearing

  1. Beck: Obama's Protocol Chief Must Go

    Another embarrassment from the White House

  2. Geraldo's Take on Libya

    Host of 'Geraldo at Large' weighs in on coalition air strikes

  3. Honoring All Vets

    Push to create national memorial to honor veterans of World War I

  4. Grave Disservice

    Korean War veteran's ashes stolen before memorial service

  5. Here We Go Again

    Another U.S. holiday, another North Korea missile test

  6. War Games in South Korea Waters

    Joint U.S.-South Korea naval exercises wrap up second day

  7. Hollywood Nation: 10/29

    Robert Downey Jr. inks marvelous new deal

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