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Dwight D. Eisenhower

Counterintuitive Politics

Susan Eisenhower is the granddaughter of a Republican president but is a staunch Obama supporter

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  1. Getting a Grip on Spending

    What can be trimmed from the budget?

  2. Why We Celebrate Presidents Day

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  3. Did Obama Drop an 'S' Bomb?

    Listen closely as Pres. Obama shares his defense of his budget plan

  4. Obama's Blame Game Wearing Thin

    Are even Democrats growing weary of the president's strategy to point the finger at his predecessor?

  5. 'Good to Be Home'

    Former President Bush speaks at Texas welcome-home rally

  6. Making History

    A look back at memorable inaugurations past

  7. Legacy Watch

    In his final days as president, George W. Bush goes on an all-out blitz to define his administration

  8. State of the Union History

    Lessons learned from previous presidential addresses

  9. McCain's Tax Blunder

    Is an increase in payroll taxes really on the table in a McCain administration?

  10. Testing Times

    International events have history of challenging rookie commanders in chief

  11. Former President Clinton At Little Rock Nine Exhibit

    Exhibit honors the 9 black students

  12. State Department Promotes Pentagon Papers Documentary

    K.T. McFarland weighs in

  1. Fox Flashback #25

    Long Island Express, Federal Troops in Little Rock, first televised presidential debate, Taliban in power, Bush defends Iraq War, 1st national monument

  2. Witness to History

    88-year-old woman has seen every inauguration since 'Ike'

  3. Gen. Van Fleet Decorated

    FOX Movietone News: Ike decorates Gen. Van Fleet for his heroics during Korean War

  4. Obama: 'The State of Our Union Is Strong'

    State of the Union, Part 3: President proposes government spending freeze to combat national debt; salutes troops

  5. Obama Defends Budget Plan

    President says America needs to live within means

  6. Staying Fit in the White House

    Which presidents were known to stay in top shape?

  7. Obama: Reducing the Deficit

    State of the Union highlights

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