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Betty Ford

Week Ahead: 10/16

Lindsay Lohan returns to court

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  1. Globes' Winners and Losers

    Hollywood heavies go toe to toe

  2. Elizabeth Taylor, 1932-2011

    Look back at life of legendary actress

  3. Lohan Cleared of Battery Charges

    Betty Ford incident

  4. LiLo's Alleged Assault on Rehab Staffer

    Betty Ford employee fired after claiming Lindsay Lohan struck her during altercation

  5. Katie on 'Kennedys' Controversy

    'Kennedys' stars Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear surprised by uproar over series

  6. Silver Screen Legend Dies

    Hollywood legend Tony Curtis dies at 85

  7. 'The Good Guys'

    Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford team up in new Fox comedy