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Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger On The Egypt Crisis

The former Secretary of State talks Egypt

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  1. Crisis in Egypt: What's Next for U.S. Diplomacy?

    Former U.S. ambassador to Egypt on U.S. foreign policy in Egypt

  2. What Is Victory in Libya?

    Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on the pros of cons of ousting Qaddafi and the goal of the mission in Libya

  3. Wednesday's Halftime Report, Part 1

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  4. 'The Obama Doctrine'

    KT McFarland joins Tom in studio to discuss Libya 'No-Fly Zone' and the president's 'leadership' during the ongoing crisis

  5. How Should U.S. Respond to Pakistan?

    Friction over detained American diplomat

  6. Leaders of Economic Powers Prepare for Meeting

    China's president calls present U.S. dollar-dominated system 'product of the past,' highlights moves to turn yuan into global currency

  7. Should Obama's Peace Prize Be Revoked?

    Radio hosts Monica Crowley, Alan Colmes on the debate over the president's Nobel Prize

  8. Did U.S. benefit from China’s Visit?

    KT McFarland and Gordon Chang analyze this week’s events

  9. U.S. Foreign Policy Examined

    Briefing on Afghan war strategy and US-China summit

  10. 'No Offense'

    Comedian Jeffrey Ross on his new hilarious DVD

  11. Alienating the Base?

    Code Pink concerned Obama is shifting too much to center on foreign policy

  12. Winning Strategy?

    Is Obama's new plan for Afghanistan sound?

  1. Dr. Henry Kissinger , Pt. 1

    From Afghanistan to Iraq and Honduras, former secretary of state goes 'On the Record'

  2. Dr. Henry Kissinger , Pt. 2

    From Afghanistan to Iraq and Honduras, former secretary of state goes 'On the Record'

  3. Kissinger: Behind the Scenes

    Henry Kissinger reflects on career and favorite pastimes with Greta

  4. Is China America's Friend or Foe?

    K.T. McFarland weighs in

  5. U.S. Taking Right Steps in Libya?

    Fox national security analyst K.T. McFarland reacts to President Obama's remarks on Libya

  6. Kissinger's Egypt Advice for White House

    Former secretary of state on U.S. policy

  7. Kissinger: 'How Do We Define Success in Libya?'

    Former secretary of state on conflict in African nation, U.S. military intervention

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