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Universal Health Care

Ethics of Health Care

Bioethicist Dr. Arthur Caplan tells Alan why he believes we have a moral obligation to provide health care for all

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  1. Unacceptable Bill

    U.S. bishops threaten to oppose health care reform

  2. George Allen Announces 2012 Senate Bid

    Former Virginia senator to run for his old seat

  3. Senator Franken

    After a long battle, Al Franken will soon get to work for Minnesota

  4. What's Next for Pelosi?

    House speaker mulling her next move after GOP's big sweep

  5. Universal Health Care

    A look at Canada's system

  6. Bad Policy?

    Oregon's government health plan won't pay for cancer patient's drug treatment but will cover doctor-assisted suicide

  7. Unsustainable Care?

    President of Canadian Medical Association says system is imploding

  8. Socialist Economics?

    'The Obama Chronicles' looks at the Democratic presidential candidate's tax philosophy

  9. Health Care Headache?

    Is Tylenol restriction a sign of things to come under government-run system?

  10. What Would Jesus Do?

    Religious groups divided over morality of universal health care

  11. 'Death Sentence'?

    Part 5: Hannity debates Michael Moore on universal health care

  12. Costly Care

    Will universal health care coverage force some doctors to stop practicing?

  1. Interference

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend tells Alan why she believes the Catholic bishops are interfering with health care reform

  2. Living Strong

    Lance Armstrong takes his latest quest for cancer awareness 'On the Record'

  3. Tommy Thompson

    Former HHS sec'y on health care reform

  4. Cavuto on Business: Health Care Revolt

    Poll: 75 percent of voters think companies will drop coverage because of health care overhaul

  5. Reality Check

    White House launches Web site to set the record straight on health care proposals

  6. In Town Halls We Trust

    Protesters look back on events in Pennsylvania and Arkansas

  7. The One Thing: 8/11

    The horror of eugenics happened; what can we learn from that mistake?

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