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Public Option

Unconstitutional Health Care Reform ?

Why Sen. Hatch believes the health care bill is unconstitutional

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  1. 'Bankrupt the Nation'

    Republican Sen. Barrasso balks at cost of health care reform

  2. Government-Run Health Care

    Will health care reform include so-called 'public option'?

  3. Senate Power Players

    Key senators on health care reform , Afghanistan

  4. 'Intellectually Dishonest'

    Sen. Grassley blasts Democrats' health care reform push

  5. Costly Care?

    Price tag for health care reform still up for debate

  6. Cracks in the Coalition

    Senate Democrats remain divided on key health care reform issues

  7. Reform Price Tag

    Lawmakers still a long way from compromise over expensive health care bill

  8. Sen. Hatch: American People Saddled with 'Colossally Awful Piece of Legislation'

    Utah senator discusses potential wide-ranging effects of health care reform law and his proposed American Job Protection Act

  9. Number Crunching

    Sen. Gregg adds up cost of health care reform

  10. 'The Senate Doctors Show'

    Sens. John Barrasso and Tom Coburn have a unique perspective on the health care bill

  11. Health Care Maneuvering

    Senate Finance Committee mulls vote but is public option still alive?

  12. Early Holiday Gift?

    GOP senator is not happy with Democrats' health care bill which has lots of pet projects attached

  1. Can Health Care Bill Be Revived?

    Doctors debate future and value of health care reform

  2. Hot Button Topic

    Senators take up abortion issue in health care debate

  3. Momentum for Health Care Reform Repeal?

    How much steam is a Republican plan to repeal Pres. Obama's health care reform law gaining?

  4. Backbone?

    Sen. Grassley on the Blue Dogs!

  5. With or Without You

    Some Republicans dispute report Dems will go it alone on final health care plan

  6. Tipping Point?

    Will Al Franken's election make a difference to health care plan?

  7. Hurting the Economy?

    Report that health care bill could cost nation 3.9 million jobs

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