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Affordable Care Act

Obamacare Dilemma: Amend or Repeal?

Democratic congressman says tossing out entire law would be damaging to American families

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  1. Challenge to Health Care Law Stands

    Judge allows Virginia's lawsuit against overhaul to go forward

  2. Momentum for Health Care Reform Repeal?

    How much steam is a Republican plan to repeal Pres. Obama's health care reform law gaining?

  3. Obamacare in 2012

    How will the healthcare law impact next year’s presidential election

  4. Pelosi: Election Was Not About Health Care Reform

    Nancy Pelosi believes Democratic losses in November were about jobs, not opposition to Obamacare

  5. 'Heart to Serve'

    Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on his new book and health care reform

  6. Can Health Care Bill Be Revived?

    Doctors debate future and value of health care reform

  7. Breaking the Bank?

    Did Democrats lowball price tag of health care reform ?

  8. 'Good First Step'

    Sen. Bill Nelson pleased with committee's work on health care reform

  9. No Compromise on 'Obamacare'

    Rep. Steve King explains why he believes Pres. Obama's health care reform law must be repealed in its entirety

  10. Forgetting the Little Guy?

    Small business owner warns against health care reform

  11. Challenging Health Care Reform at the Ballot Box

    Three states may follow Missouri and reject 'Obamacare'

  12. 'Obamacare Repeal': Recipe for 'Fiscal Chaos'?

    Democrat Chris Van Hollen explains why he believes repealing the health care reform law would lead to 'budget anarchy.'

  1. Obamacare or PPACA: What's in a Name?

    Democrats scramble to re-brand health care overhaul

  2. White House Reaction to Health Care Overhaul Repeal Efforts

    Assistant to the president for health care reform talks strategy

  3. Health Care and the 2012 Election

    Political impact of Obamacare on presidential race

  4. Upcoming Vote to Repeal Health Care Infuriates Democrats

    Charles Krauthammer on looming showdown in House

  5. Unconstitutional Health Care Reform ?

    Why Sen. Hatch believes the health care bill is unconstitutional

  6. Donald Trump a Contender for 2012?

    Karl Rove says there is no Republican frontrunner

  7. President Obama Seeks Divine Intervention

    White House trying to use religious leaders to sell health care

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