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Vision Loss

Feast for Your Eyes

Foods that can help improve eye health and save your vision

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  1. Myth or Fact: The Eyes Have It?

    Who decides when you need cataract surgery?

  2. Broccoli Benefits

    Don't pass up on those greens. Dr. Manny tells you all the ways broccoli can impact your health

  3. Clinton: 'Heartbroken' Over Loss of Aid Workers

    Secretary of state condemns Taliban for murders of unarmed charity volunteers in Afghanistan

  4. Cataract Surgery

    Health Storm Center: Dr. Manny shows how cloudy vision can be corrected by replacing the lens of the eye

  5. 'Safe Sex License'

    ID proves you're STD free

  6. Smarty-Pants Cat

    Feline learns a useful skill and a pet turkey needs surgery

  7. Eyes: Windows to your Health

    Spots, redness, tearing; these eye symptoms could mean a lot more than you think

  8. Brain Binoculars

    Defense contractor plans to develop brain-wave binoculars to help soldiers

  1. Eye-Opening Deal

    How can you get your eyes checked for free?

  2. Windows of Your Health

    Dr. Manny learns what an eye exam can reveal about your health

  3. Low Vision Tools

    Ten million Americans have some form of vision loss . There are some low and high tech ways to help you see a lot clearer.

  4. The Blind Truth

    Why do thousands of Americans neglect their vision, when it can leave blinding effects?

  5. Cannabis Controversy

    Dr. Manny and Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter chat about all the fuss about legalizing medicinal marijuana

  6. Risks Outweigh the Benefits?

    Former FDA official now warning about Lasik eye surgery

  7. Seeing the Light

    Scientists say gene therapy study is breakthrough in blindness treatment