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Third Trimester

How much will having a baby really cost you?

Having a baby is a special and exciting time in life, so much so that financial planning sometimes takes a back seat to other preparations for your bundle of joy. This doesn’t have to be the case. Knowing what to expect (financially) when you’re expecting, and taking a few small steps to cut those costs, can create a lot of extra room in your budget. This means you’ll have more to spend on things for your little one. Here’s a rundown of how much it costs to have a baby, plus a few tips to help you save along the way.Prenatal care visits and testsAlthough all insurers are required to cover maternity care under the Affordable Care Act, this doesn’t necessarily make it free. In most cases, you’ll be responsible for copays for your care visits and tests, which, according to one study, add up to approximately $616 in out-of-pocket costs for the insured. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying the full amount for these services—the same study estimates total prenatal ch...

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    Q&A with Dr. Manny: Is it safe for pregnant women to take heartburn medications?

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    My favorite Super Bowl moment of all-time didn't involve anything that happened in an actual game. David Tyree's catch, Ben Roethlisberger's perfect pass to Santonio...

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    Physician LeRoy Carhart wants to continue providing third-term abortions after the brazen slaying of his friend and colleague George Tiller, but the Nebraska doctor ...

  4. Nebraska Doctor to Perform Third-Term Abortions in Kansas

    A Nebraska doctor said Wednesday that he will perform third-term abortions in Kansas after the slaying of abortion provider George Tiller, but would not say whether ...

  5. Abortion doctor guilty verdict hardly a victory

    The Kermitt Gosnell verdict is hardly a victory. Out of 7 charges of first degree murder to unborn babies, Gosnell was only found guilty of three. Of one charge of t...

  6. Science on side of House abortion bill?

    Reaction from Rep. Marsha Blackburn

  7. New documentary “After Tiller” profiles last 4 late-term abortionists in U.S.

    In 2009, Dr. George Tiller – one of few doctors in the United States who performed third-trimester abortions – was fatally shot while at church in Kansas. He became ...

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    Fitness icon seeks healthy habits

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  1. Taking Tylenol during pregnancy linked to ADHD in kids

    New research is raising concerns that pregnant women who take Tylenol could increase their unborn child’s risk for developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorde...

  2. The odd ways pregnancy can cause vision problems

    Pregnancy can cause vision problems in sometimes unexpected ways, as two new medical reports show.In one report, a 25-year-old first-time mother experienced blurred ...

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    The issue of life is front and center this week, as several hundred thousand brave souls come to Washington to march from the White House to the Supreme Court in def...

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    A DNA test of a pregnant woman's blood is more accurate than current methods of screening for Down syndrome and other common disorders, new research finds. If other ...

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    New study targets expectant mothers

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    Democratic nominee for Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe on Saturday relied on long-time friend and party superstar Hillary Clinton to help his campaign in the closi...

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