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Pregnancy Hormone May Be Key to New MS Treatment

New information about how pregnancy hormone might be applied as a new MS treatment

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    Headline Health talks to FOX A-team member Dr. David Samadi about causes and fixes for erectile dysfunction

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    Sexpert Natalie Bencivenga tries to define what is cheating

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    Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

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    Gender test performed on runner

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    Actress under fire for controversial health regimen

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    NFL greats share Super Bowl memories

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    More states allowing firearms in bars

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    Doctor raves over new hair transplant procedure

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    Doctor's libido-enhancing diet

  12. Red-Hot Reporter Throws Flag at Gang Green

    New York Jets accused of unsportsmanlike behavior

  1. Checking Hormones in Men

    Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum talks about hormones levels men should have checked

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    Dr. Samadi tackles tough health issues

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    Dr. David Samadi weighs in

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    What can men do to protect themselves from BPH?

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    69-year-old grandpa shares secrets to his sexy body

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    Health Flash: New research finds that hormone contraception may work for men

  7. 'A-Rod'

    Author Selena Roberts on the Yankees' controversial superstar

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