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Risk Factors

Risk Factors for DVT

Dr. Manny talks to a vascular surgeon about who is at risk for deep vein thrombosis and how the condition is treated

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    Tips for reducing breast cancer risks

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    Dr. Manny talks to vascular surgeon, Dr. Glenn Jacobowitz, about how to prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism before and after surgery

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    Marines launch aggressive prevention program

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    U.S., Korea report double H1N1 infection cases

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    Ask Dr. Manny: What tests should a 70-year-old patient have in an annual exam?

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    Start your week off right

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    NBA Hall of Fame player battles with atrial fibrillation

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    Best steps to take to prevent heart disease

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    Meridia raises concerns over heart issues

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    Dr. Manny discusses how going for a simple teeth cleaning and dental exam could discover if you will have a healthy heart in the future

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    Research shows low-carb diet may be better for your heart

  7. Breaking Down Your Yearly Physical

    Dr. Manny asks the panel on Dotcom Live about annual physicals and what specific tests people should get

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