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Radiation Therapy

Myth or Fact: Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer

Should women use antiperspirants containing aluminum while receiving radiation therapy ?

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  1. Cell Phone Radiation Danger

    Mobile device radiation and your brain

  2. Radiation Sickness

    How does it take? Dr. Manny finds out that even a small amount of radiation exposure could make people sick

  3. Radiation Spreads Amidst Recovery Effort

    New reports indicate radiation is leaking from Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant

  4. Healing Cancer Naturally

    Integrative Medicine has not proven to stop tumor growth but it does relieve some of the symptoms related to treating cancer

  5. Fears Grows Over Soaring Radiation Levels, Part 2

    Japanese authorities order 140,000 people around plant to stay indoors

  6. Fallout from Radiation Fears in Japan

    Dr. Oz weighs in

  7. How Dangerous Is Radiation in Japan?

    Heated debate over health risks from exposure

  8. Radiation Danger?

    Cancer -causing radon found in some granite countertops

  9. Fear Greater Danger than Radiation ?

    Stress may be more hazardous than nukes

  10. Should American's Fear Radiation Sickness?

    Dr. Mark Siegel weighs in on the latest spike of radiation in Tokyo tap water

  11. Dr. Samadi Talks Japan Radiation And Food

    Breaking down where the risk is located

  12. Dangers of Radiation Exposure

    140,000 Japanese ordered to lock themselves in their homes near Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant

  1. One Day Breast Cancer Treatment

    Breast cancer treatment generally takes a few months. But now patients are getting radiation , surgery and reconstruction all in one day with a new procedure

  2. Japan: Radioactive Fallout Reaches CA

    Radiation detectors measure danger

  3. Radioactive Fallout Reaches California

    Experts downplay risk of nuclear plume from Japan

  4. Can Japan’s Radiation Reach the U.S. ?

    Potassium iodide purchases increase in U.S. as radiation fears grow

  5. U.S. Authorities Watch for Radiation Plume

    Dr. Marc Siegel on radiation possibly reaching the West Coast

  6. Middle East Health Threat

    Dr. Manny gets an update on how the conflicts in the Middle East are effecting the health and medical needs of civilians in the region

  7. Missouri's Bravest Sporting Pink Shirts

    Firefighters supporting breast cancer awareness

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