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Cooking Up Controversy

Congressman Fleming wants to force lawmakers to take public health care plan

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  1. Trace Levels of Radiation Found in U.S. Milk

    Dr. Marc Siegel on potential hazards

  2. Protesters Gather In Wisconsin

    Supporters of both sides show up at capitol

  3. Beck: From Cairo to Madison, Workers Unite

    Students, unions protest Wisconsin budget cuts

  4. Potential Challenges for Reactor Workers in Japan

    Former nuclear officer shares over 30 years experience

  5. University of Washington Detects Radiation Traces

    Scientists say quantities too low to pose danger

  6. Dr. Makary Debunks Common Cold Myths

    'Antibiotics do not work for common cold'

  7. Does Faith Make You Fat?

    New study compares the weight of those who attend religious events to those who don't

  8. Meltdown Likely Underway in Three Japanese Reactors

    Concern over nuclear danger spreads after earthquake

  9. Teen Pregnancy Epidemic in Memphis Area

    'Geraldo at Large' investigates staggering amount of underage pregnancies

  10. Secret Spending Hidden in Health Care Law?

    Former congressman finds secret funds hidden in bill

  11. Charlie Sheen Admits to Drug Use

    Dr. Keith Ablow looks at the latest developments in the Charlie Sheen debacle

  12. Debunking Cold Myths

    What works and doesn't work when it comes to fighting the common cold

  1. Administration Sending Mixed Messages on Radiation Danger?

    White House clarifies surgeon general's comments

  2. How Will the Disaster in Japan Impact the U.S. ?

    Japan’s nuclear reactor emergency may test the economy.

  3. President Obama on Japan Disaster

    U.S. not in danger from radiation

  4. Exclusive: Investigation on 'Sick Notes'

    Public Health Committee chair calls on State Medical Examining Board to launch probe on doctors handing out 'medical excuse' notes to protesters

  5. Radiation From Japan Found in Eastern U.S.

    Trace amounts of nuclear debris found in Maryland

  6. Obama: Radiation Leak Does Not Pose Risk to U.S.

    President addresses crisis in Japan, praises Japanese first responders

  7. Bulls & Bears: Drill, Baby, Drill?

    Can domestic energy exploration wean America off imported oil?

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