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The Psychology of Being Trapped

A look at the possible mental impact on trapped Chilean miners

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  1. Obama's 'Crimes Against Liberty'

    Author David Limbaugh's explosive new book says president is leading most destructive administration in U.S. history

  2. Crossing the Line?

    Parents spying on kids' online activity

  3. Geraldo's Take

    Are celebrities taking advantage of Michael Jackson's death?

  4. Danger at Work?

    'Desk rage' is becoming more common at workplace

  5. Foul Play?

    U.S. Coast Guard suspends search for missing passenger

  6. The Nose Knows

    Research: Sniffing pastry makes you nicer to others

  7. Good Role Models?

    Psychologist on why people look up to celebrities despite their public troubles

  8. Science of Shopping

    Psychologist explains why holiday shoppers are splurging on colorful items

  9. Combating Suicide in the Military

    Marines launch aggressive prevention program

  10. Brett Favre's Cell Phone Seduction?

    Deadspin editor in chief speaks out on voicemails, pictures posted on sports news website

  11. Test Your IQ

    Learn how to test your IQ by following these steps.

  12. Why Did Obama Comment on Mosque Controversy?

    Dick Morris on president stepping into uproar

  1. Politics and Psychology

    The psychology behind President Obama’s decisions

  2. Suicide Prevention: Helping the Humiliated

    Rutgers student's tragic death raises national awareness

  3. University Plans to Dump Majors

    17 major degree programs on chopping block

  4. Home for the Holidays

    Tips to keep your cool and deal with family this Christmas

  5. Psychologist Calls for Barbie Boycott

    Video Girl Barbie a gift to pedophiles?

  6. Psychologist's Take

    Dr. Dale Archer weighs in on the news

  7. Tired of Working for 'The Man'?

    Dr. Woody offers tips on standing out in the business world

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