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Prescription Drugs

War on Prescription Drugs

Obama's drug 'czar' calls for crackdown on prescription pill mills

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  1. Drunken Air Rage

    Woman accused of trying to bite flight attendant after drinking liquid soap

  2. VIDEO: Viagra for Fun?

    Ask Dr. Manny: What do you think about recreational use of Viagra among healthy young men? Is it harmful?

  3. Irregular Rhythm?

    Dr. Mark Siegel on what could have caused Jackson's suspected cardiac arrest

  4. Lethal Combination?

    Did drugs end Michael Jackson's life?

  5. Freedom Watch: 8/12

    Part 4 of 5

  6. Winners and Losers

    Which industries will win, lose under an Obama, McCain administration?

  7. Pointing Fingers

    Could 'enablers' face charges for Michael Jackson's death?

  8. Blue-Ribbon Panel

    'FOX News Sunday' gets straight answers on health care's critical questions

  9. The Man in the Mirror

    Deepak Chopra, a close friend of Michael Jackson, joins Alan to share his firsthand knowledge of the pop star's struggle with prescription drugs .

  10. Infamous Deadly Cocktail

    Was it a deadly mix of prescription drugs that killed the King of Pop?

  11. Prescriptions for Over-the-Counter Drugs Under Obamacare?

    Doctors dealing with startling new trend from hidden clause in health care law

  12. Rx Savings

    Shop around before you buy your prescription drugs

  1. Son Allegedly Poisons Father

    Man allegedly laces applesauce with prescription drugs in attempt to kill father

  2. Hot Ticket

    Jackson fans await memorial lottery, death probe focuses on doctors

  3. Geraldo's Take

    Are celebrities taking advantage of Michael Jackson's death?

  4. Electronic Prescriptions

    Decoding your doctor's prescriptions can be difficult. So now physicians are being encouraged to send in their prescriptions electronically

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  6. Alternative Medicines Safe for Kids?

    New research shows vitamins, herbs may actually do harm

  7. New Year, New Health Care?

    2011 brings many changes under Obamacare

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