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Pregnancy Test

Know If You're Pregnant

There are signs you're having a baby even before you miss a period

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  1. Show Your Papers at the Door?

    Arizona legislature considers making hospitals require proof of citizenship when going to the emergency room

  2. Arizona Proposes Checking Citizenship at Hospitals

    Critics say bill violates patient rights, lawmakers say plan is part of broader illegal immigrant crackdown

  3. Speeding Up HIV Testing

    New rapid testing kits help people know their HIV status in about 15 minutes

  4. Tim Tebow and Mom Defend Anti-Abortion Ad

    College football player and mother star in controversial Super Bowl commercial

  5. '48 Liberal Lies'

    Author examines textbooks for inaccuracy series

  6. Leftward Leaning?

    Are commonly used textbooks costing your child a fair education?