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Health Risk?

FDA looking for ways to reduce acetaminophen overdoses

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  1. Painkiller Warning

    FDA panel urges cuts in acetaminophen dosage in meds

  2. Dr. Marc Siegel

    Beware of your pain reliever?

  3. Flu Fighters

    5 steps to survive H1N1

  4. Not A Sleeping Pill

    Tylenol PM may not help you fall asleep

  5. Kids & Fevers

    Q&A With Dr. Manny: When it comes to kids and fevers, how high is too high?

  6. GOP Moving Forward With Efforts to Uproot Obamacare

    Sen. Barrasso weighs in on how Republicans plan to 'prune' health care law

  7. Second Opinion?

    Jackson family orders second autopsy for King of Pop

  8. Jackson's Health History

    Addiction specialist on unanswered questions surrounding Jackson's death

  9. Battling Headlines

    Researchers say taking aspirin may help protect against colon cancer and death, but doctors warn patients of risks associated with the drug

  10. Bitter Pill

    Aspirin's ability to prevent heart disease, stroke questioned

  11. Prescriptions for Over-the-Counter Drugs Under Obamacare?

    Doctors dealing with startling new trend from hidden clause in health care law

  12. Drug Connection?

    Police looking for doctor who lived in Michael Jackson's home who reportedly gave Jackson daily Demerol injections

  1. Ibuprofen and You

    Long-term use of ibuprofen for older adults not recommended

  2. Study: Long-Term Ibuprofen Use Lowers Parkinson's Risk

    Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld weighs in

  3. Blinded by Motrin ?

    A California family is suing Johnson & Johnson claiming their daughter was blinded by an allergic reaction to Children's Motrin

  4. Aspirin News

    Should you resume use of aspirin after gastric bleeding?

  5. Motrin Recall Controversy

    Shocking details behind recall

  6. Controversy Surrounding Motrin Recall

    Dr. Marc Siegel: FDA should launch full-scale investigation

  7. An Aspirin a Day

    How hypertension can be reduced with a daily pill

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